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10 Most Inspiring Wim Hof Quotes



Most Inspiring Wim Hof Quotes

Wim Hof, also known as “The Iceman”, has earned a reputation for his uncanny ability to withstand extreme cold. His proprietary Wim Hof Method is based in Tibetan Tummo meditation, except without the religious elements. He has devoted himself to helping people by spreading his knowledge of breathing techniques.

The Book “What Doesn’t Kill Us” was written about Hof, and tells the story of Scott Carney attempted to debunk his techniques but ended up embracing them. Born in Sittaed, Limburg, Netherlands, Hof is one of nine children. He currently holds 26 world records, including the longest ever ice bath.

Hof climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro back in 2009 in just two days while wearing shorts. He has competed in a full marathon above the Arctic Circle in Finland, completing it in just 5 hours and 25 minutes. There are a number of impressive physical feats he has attempted with great success.

Below are 10 Most Inspiring Wim Hof Quotes:

1. “We can do more than what we think.” It’s a belief system that I have adopted and it has become my motto. There is more than meets the eye and unless you are willing to experience new things, you’ll never realize your full potential.” – Wim Hof Quotes

2. “Fear does not go away by itself. You have to confront your fear, mold it, then learn to control it in it’s own irrational reality. Every human being has the power to do just that. To go deep within and confront your inner being is a powerful act. Going deep and developing the will power is the only way.” – Wim Hof Quotes

3. “If you can learn how to use your mind, anything is possible.” – Wim Hof Quotes

4. “Make it simple for yourself by calming your mind from anger, understanding what makes you sad, and replicating the experiences that make you happy. If you want strength and success, just do it!” – Wim Hof Quotes

5. “It is moments like this that one needs to face his fears. The best way to have such a moment is to gradually confront the fear and approach it in a way that is both exciting and inspiring. You have to be decisive and physically prepared to do your best. After that, little by little, you will see progress.” – Wim Hof Quotes

6. “Challenges bring about the true nature within me. It alerts my body and mind, altering my state of being. It makes me feel so alive! It’s like I always say, “We can do more than what we think.” At those moments when I encounter a challenge, I become extremely aware of the deeper layers of my soul.” – Wim Hof Quotes

7. “I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid not to have lived.” – Wim Hof Quotes

8. “Do you experience that? Ask yourself, “Have I ever experienced the wonders of life?” Meditate about it. Meditation helps your spirit bloom like a beautiful flower. The experience can be beautiful and great. Poetry is the language of the soul. So listen. “Life is like a dewdrop on a grass leaf. When is slips away, it’s gone forever.” – Wim Hof Quotes

9. “In the Bhagavad Gita they say, “The mind under control is your best friend, the mind wandering about is your worst enemy.” Make it your best friend, to the point where you can rely on it. Your mind makes you strong from within. It is your wise companion. The sacrifices you make will be rewarded. Life doesn’t change, but your perception does. It’s all about what you focus on. Withdraw from the world’s influence and no longer be controlled by your emotions. If you can grab the wheel of your mind, you can steer the direction of where your life will go.” – Wim Hof Quotes

10. “If you want conviction, dig within yourself. If you want understanding, just do it.” – Wim Hof Quotes

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