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40 Best Motivational Quotes When You Are Starting Up A Business



Starting up a business may be fun to think of but doing the actual work is pretty daunting. No matter what age you are right now, building something that you love from scratch is no easy feat but definitely a rewarding one! Here are some of the best motivational quotes that will guide you in this exciting new venture.

40 Best Motivational Quotes When You Are Starting Up A Business

“Stop doing what is easy or popular. Start doing what is right.”
― Roy T. Bennett

“You have to work on the business first before it works for you.”
― Idowu Koyenikan

“Maturity is when you stop complaining and making excuses in your life; you realize everything that happens in life is a result of the previous choice you’ve made and start making new choices to change your life.”
― Roy T. Bennett

“When you’re following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first.”
― Kelly Cutrone

“Once you believe that you are infallible, that success will automatically lead to more success, and that you have “got it made,” reality will be sure to give you a rude wake-up call. Believing your own bullshit is always a perilous activity, but never more fatal than for the owner of a start-up venture.”
― Felix Dennis

“Transforming the complex to the simple is pure genius.”
― Doris P. Johnson

“Your mission or purpose is like a magnet that keeps you moving is a well established direction”
― Doris P. Johnson

“The best way to determine the Values you will enforce in your business is to clarify your personal values.”
― Doris P. Johnson

“Position your value not your price”
― Mac Duke 

“Innovative ideas are the golden wealth of a growing business”
― Wayne Chirisa

“A small businesses ability to gain an edge for a profitable niche is not by just focusing on the dynamic market gap, but by identifying a market within the gap.”
― Wayne Chirisa

“When you do it, you are not another dreamer”
― Hockson Floin

“Even during a mid-life crisis do not deviate from your goal. History remembers only those who succeed.”
― Hockson Floin

“Give away your best information. Building this trust with prospects will result in bigger financial returns than bland content”
― Stacey Kehoe

“The question is not whether you have the money. It is whether you have the hustle. There’s a difference!”
― Nicky Verd

“You can build your business life where you are working with people you want to work with. Then it becomes a pleasure, and then you can do better.”
― Andy Morgan

“Those I call are very different from Orphans in that they’re absolutely convinced they’re some sort of social wit. Without a doubt they’re intelligent, and most likely very wealthy, although their wealth will come from a business they were set up in by others from their ‘school.’ They’ll have had no need to go to university. Rich people will have set them up in business, possibly Public Relations or something like that, they’ll have helped them write a business plan, loaned them money, and provided advice and guidance at every step of the way. As I say, money would have been forthcoming from investors until the business was able to run itself. And then Horace will swan about as if he did it all himself.”
― Karl Wiggins

“Experience brings acceptance of the fact you cannot do everything yourself. I find people who start business later in life understand the value in surrounding themselves with people who are better than them at some things. Experience shows you the benefit of accepting advice from others.”
― Sheila Holt

“When you start living the life of your dreams, there will always be obstacles, doubters, mistakes and setbacks along the way. But with hard work, perseverance and self-belief there is no limit to what you can achieve.”
― Roy Bennett

“Do you know great minds enjoy excellence, average minds love mediocrity and small minds adore comfort zones?”
― Onyi Anyado

“An entrepreneur without funding is a musician without an instrument.”
― Robert A. Rice Jr.

“Why climb the corporate ladder when you can build an elevator in your own building?”
― Joshua E. Leyenhorst

“Once you believe that you can do something, there is not a single person in the universe who can convince you otherwise.”
― Germany Kent

“With the world now a global village, your vision has to transcend different races and faces in different places around the world.”
― Onyi Anyado

“Always consider who you’re learning from. Don’t listen to people who are not experiencing the success you want.”
― Ehab Atalla

“No matter what your reason for wanting to start your own business, developing the foundation is the same. Laying a solid foundation for you business will provide you with a road map to follow as you build your business. As you work through the Start a Business Step-by-Step Workbook you will define the company’s mission, decide what business entity is right for your business, name your business, determine the pricing for your products or services, formulate your financial projections, define your competitors, survey consumers regarding your products or services, determine the marketing methods right for your business and more.”
― Jeanne A. Estes

“You are in control of your priorities – you can erase old priorities and define new priorities at will.”
― Isaiah Hankel

“The problem is that many entrepreneurs start with good intentions to create a new mindset system but then slack off. The solution is to make that system part of your daily routine.”
― Lisa Mininni

“Do it, document it, delegate it.”
― Michael McCafferty

“Entrepreneur, noun: someone who takes calculated risks to add value to wider society with the hope of making money and building wealth”
― M. James Airey

“I had worked for others for many years and didn’t like the idea of someone else holding my future in their hands; it was time to do something on my own.- Jerri Graham, Nothin’ But Granola”
― Holly Hurd

“If you’re an over thinker or try to anticipate every barrier-before beginning, ask yourself, “if I had to accomplish this project in three steps or less, what would they be?”
― Lisa Mininni

“Remember, you will always fail in business if you don’t try to open your own business.”
― Steven Ivy

“The entrepreneur’s mind-set is completely different to the employee’s mind-set. The entrepreneur finds it abhorrent to conform to organizational norms, whilst the employee finds joy and stability in all that’s tried and true. It’s not that one’s wrong and the other is right. It’s the mind-set that differentiates the two.”
― Dipa Sanatani

“Entrepreneurship is not a theory, it is an experiment.”
― Amit Kalantri

“Every prosperous business was first a courageous decision to begin and then a constant determination to continue.”
― Amit Kalantri

“During the business start-up process, you will discover that this experience is a cruel teacher. It often gives the test before the lesson.”
― Linsey Mills

“People who don’t venture will keep working for the people who ventured.”
― Amit Kalantri

“Starting up is like farting, if you force it, it’s probably shit.”
― Shashank Shekhar

“Instead of waiting to start big, start small so that you can grow big”
― Nicky Verd

Reading this might be the sign you need to finally take that calculated risk and let the seeds of your business finally take root! If you want an extra boost, here are motivational quotes on reaching your career goals.

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