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5 Long Sleeve Dress for Winter



The cold weather this time of year is not an excuse for not looking beautiful wearing your favorite outfits. Today, there is a wide variety of press with modern and very fashionable designs, which at the same time are useful to protect your body from low temperatures. So if dresses are your thing, take a look at the options that we show you here with which you can be warm and always chic.

1. Mini dress with floral print

Made with polyester and cotton fabric, this beautiful dress is casual in style and decorated with pretty flowers on a white background. It has long sleeves to protect you from the cold while the lower part has a pleat that gives movement to the skirt.

You can find it in different sizes at “” and when you have it you will have the possibility of combining it with your best sandals, short boots or even high-cut heels.

2. Long-sleeved flared garment

With a variety of shades such as red, pink, blue, yellow, light blue, brown, black, green and others. The dress has long flared sleeves that give a trendy touch to this ideal piece for winter. It is made of cotton, polyester and lycra.

You will look beautiful and enhance your figure with this dress that you can also wear in autumn and spring because it adapts to all seasons. It is soft, comfortable and can be combined with leggings, boots, tight pants or with some cute heels.

3. Cotton polyester blend with pockets

A beautiful casual plaid dress that resembles a tunic. A very light piece made with cotton and polyester with long sleeves and pockets at the bottom so you can store your phone.

You can combine it with different styles of footwear and you will always look beautiful and radiant during the winter season. If you want to give it a special touch, you can wear it with high boots for a more feminine and chic look.

4. Thick garment with cute details on the hem

Beautiful dress that comes in different colors such as red, black, pink, yellow and red wine so that you can choose the one you like the most. It has long sleeves and a nice detail in the hem of the skirt that gives it a unique and very chic touch.

It is easy to use, because it is comfortable and soft against the skin. Its long sleeves protect you from the cold in the winter and you can also wear it in more formal events such as weddings, parties, cocktails or other celebrations.

5. Retro style with grid pattern

Made with lycra, polyester and elastane fabric. This beautiful dress has a retro checkered design with white stripes. Its low cut but with long sleeves to keep you protected during the harsh winter. This dress can be combined with boots or sandals and used to go to work or a casual outing with your group of friends. Feel beautiful and look spectacular this season.

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