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5 rules you have to follow to have your own style



How To Find Your Own Personal Style - 10 Tips To Define Your Style - Guru Lex


How To Find Your Own Personal Style - 10 Tips To Define Your Style - Guru Lex

In fashion and in life, there is nothing like being yourself and these tips will help you to achieve trendy fashion style.

“Beauty begins with the decision to be you.” With these words, first summed up what is important when dressing: think of ourselves first. And it is that “the style” definitely has something mystical about it. Few people lack it, because it is a way of dressing, of being, of expressing themselves. It is an attitude.

Yes, it depends on the clothes you wear, but above all on how and why you wear them. There are no short cuts to find it, but there are five points that will help you define it and stay true to it. Before discuss more, we want to tell you that you can buy Judy blue shorts from our store it can also help you to look more fashionable

1. If you don’t risk, you don’t win

It can be as difficult as opening your heart, but the truth is that there is nothing like letting go and living in the moment. If you risk being yourself, you will succeed. Fashion is like an adventure, if we don’t take risks we won’t know what suits us and what doesn’t.

2. Do not compare yourself with anyone

In the age of Instagram, following this rule can be a little more difficult. Coco Chanel already said: “To be irreplaceable one must seek to be different”. Your style reflects how you are inside. It is as personal as your name or identity. So why dress like someone else? Only you can dress like this. Enjoy it.

3. The imperfect is the perfect

We live in a time when images are not seen, they are studied. We eat Instagram from head to toe and wonder how these girls are going to be so cool. And even though **we’ve discovered they have their tricks and habits**, we still think about their style. But style is like anything else, it is created day by day, with small details, and with trial and error. There’s no more. There is no perfect formula. What works for your friend or those girls who know so much about fashion, may not work for you.

4. Do not think so much

I mean, let yourself go. And it is that a super studied look loses authenticity. In fashion, individuality is key. Follow your instincts and if they tell you that a ** plaid blazer goes with a rock band t-shirt ** it’s because it is. Dressing well has little set rules, self-knowledge is all you need.

5. And what does it matter what others say?

The key to proper style is to forget what they will say. Stop thinking about what your partner, your friends or your mother likes. Looking good is about dressing for yourself. Ask yourself: What makes me happy? What look am I excited to pull out of the closet this morning?

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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