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5 Unique Home Interior Design Themes to Give Your Home A Makeover



In this modern age, the younger market wants their house to look more than just a place with a living room, kitchen, and bedroom. They want their homes to be a relaxing and adventurous sanctuary. After all, our home is where we usually head to after a long day at work, right?

Luckily, designers have also innovated their techniques for interior designing. You can now choose to have a theme for your entire household and extend its designs up to the smallest details. If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your home, this article will give you a glimpse of the different home interior design themes that you can consider.

Different Home Interior Themes

As much as possible, you want your home interior to reflect your personality. Of course, you wouldn’t want to have a tech-inspired home design with no knowledge or fascination with techie stuff, right? So, let’s take a look at some of your choices.

1. Gothic Theme

If you want to have Adam’s Family-inspired look for your home, consider some gothic furniture and home decorations. A gothic theme is an elegant home interior design that resembles the culture of 12th to 16th century Europe. Some of its furniture is in dark shades of colors such as purple, black, or midnight blue.

However, if you think that it may be a bit creepy, then you’re taking it the wrong way. The gothic theme, while still keeping its dark facade, is an old definition for an edgy and somber look. It somehow depicts an old-school elegance with a bit of quirkiness that looks stylish as an interior design.

2. Art Deco Theme

If you watched The Great Gatsby and you fell in love with its rather fashionable 1920s interior, then the Art déco theme may be the best for you. It’s a combination of flashy elements from the biggest furniture to the smallest home decorations.

You can achieve an art deco-inspired theme by using geometric shapes and graphic patterns on your furniture. The materials are usually polished chrome or brass paired with glossy timber furnishings and mirrors. Art Deco is known as a bold expression of eclectic creativity.

3. Boho Theme

If you like colors and textures partnered with less structured designs, the Bohemian theme is your choice. Bohemian, or Boho for short, is the fusion of mess and style which makes it more appealing as an interior design.

Boho theme is a combination of almost all the colors from dark red to sunshine yellow plus tons of layers and textures. Normally, you can easily identify a Boho-themed home if you see a lot of beaded furnishings and curtains with crochet and tassels. The best thing about Boho is that you can make all these items by yourself, which makes the design more personal.

4. Country Theme

Have you seen those scenes in movies where they drink tea at the patio in Europe while watching the sunset across the wide meadow? Can you feel the calming effect of this setup? These interior home designs are Country-themed. It’s an interior decoration that features the best of nature.

Most Country-themed houses are misconstrued as too feminine because of the presence of floral fabrics and botanical prints. However, it’s also an excellent choice for a family to give a sense of calm every time you come home from a busy day at work. With a Country-themed home, you will always feel relaxed, as if you always see birds flying around chirping with enthusiasm.

5. Industrial Theme

For a modern and rustic look of your home, you can check out some Industrial-themed interior designs. Some furniture is made of pieces of wood where the bed frame can be a crate and the bedside table can be an apple box. It’s a funky yet sensible interior set up where furniture is usually made of steel, timber, or brick.

It’s pretty much like a fusion of an industrial plus construction site. Some bachelors choose this type of home interior because of its manly vibe, but this is a unisex design. The natural roughness appeal of an Industrial-theme home makes it feel more relaxing.

Decorate your home with thematic interior designs

To add a more homey vibe at home, consider using a theme for your entire interior design. The five examples mentioned above are only a few of the many choices that you can consider. Other choices are Oriental-Asian theme, Minimalist theme, or even Retro theme.

For ideas on how to make your home interior more appealing, check out today!


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