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6 Tips on Setting up your Home Office



Working from the comfort of your home offers many benefits. From flexibility, time and money-saving, reducing daily commute to providing entrepreneurs with an environment where they can start a business with low overhead costs. However, setting up a successful and functional office requires a lot of consideration. And if you wonder where to start, then you are in the right place.

This article will discuss 6 home office ideas you can use to set up your home office.

1. Find a Suitable Location

For people owning large homes with empty rooms, finding a site for their home office is easy. If so lucky, you may have already set aside space for your home office on your house plan before construction. But, many homeowners dedicate an empty room in the basement or bedroom for an office.

Unfortunately, not all of us have much free space in our homes. If the space in your home is tight, you’ll have to be creative about your home office. For instance, you can look out for unused corners in pretty large rooms, empty closets, or the space beneath the stairs. More importantly, you should find the best area that guarantees swift, flexible, and private operations for your home office.

2. Decide on Office Equipment

Basically, the kind of equipment your office needs ultimately depends on the type of work you carry out. If your job is computer-based, you’ll need a small desk. As for a graphic artist, a larger workspace or table would be great. A consultant would require extra space for the file cabinets. The bottom line is, choose the right type of equipment that will fit your line of work and the space available perfectly. Plus, be sure to find excellent equipment that prioritises comfort.

3. Consider the Lighting System

Choosing what lighting system to use is one of the essential home office ideas to consider. Typically, your home office should have sufficient light for excellent working conditions. Make sure the office can utilise most of the natural light during the day. This means that you can open the doors and windows for exposure to daylight. Similarly, have a great artificial lighting system for night-time working. Besides, use variant lights like warm light from a firelight for utmost relaxation.

4. Have a Dedicated Phone

Working from your home office involves reduced overhead costs. However, sharing your home and business phone line can eventually be expensive. Other than that, it may confuse your clients and customers who expect to receive a message from a specific business. So, ensure you get a dedicated phone for your office work only.

5. Separate your Professional Life from Personal Life

When setting up your home office, ensure that your personal life doesn’t negatively affect your professional life – and vice versa. Start by opening bank accounts, email addresses, and other relevant accounts, typically for the home office. By doing so, you can minimise mixing your business expenses with personal expenses. Find a way to store your financial records for your home office securely.

6. Decide on How to Manage Time

According to research, office workers tend to be more productive if they can have time to relax a bit through walks. Such short rest periods can help boost your focus, though you can easily forget about them when working from your home office. As a result, you may end up overworking.

Therefore, ensure you have appropriate ways to help you track time while in your office. You can have a wall clock or use a timer or alarm on your smartphone. Proper time tracking and management will motivate you to work and maintain a balance between healthy living and work.


With the above home office ideas, setting up your home office should not be a big deal. Find a perfect spot that will accommodate essential equipment and gadgets for the office to run smoothly. More importantly, have a reliable time management strategy and keep your office work life separate from personal life, and everything will work out perfectly.


I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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