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8 Effective Ways to Use Your Leisure time



Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Leisure Time)

We don’t have a lot of free time, really. We must act as a community, a species (due to global warming), and most importantly, as individuals. With everything going on in daily life, finding time for oneself might be difficult. Without taking into account your daily rituals, getting ready, mealtimes, and transportation, if you get roughly 7 hours of sleep and 8 hours at the workplace or in class, you have about 9 hours left over for leisure. Making the most of your free time is crucial when you find yourself with it. Here are eight suggestions for productive ways to use your time.

  • Reading

There are several advantages and benefits to reading, especially for young people. It not only stimulates the mind and relieves stress, but it also exposes one to the greatest ideas, concepts, and narratives from throughout human history. By enhancing your vocabulary, assisting with writing, and fostering creativity, it makes you smarter. Reading a self-help book can help you develop personally and professionally while also providing a nice respite from the stresses of everyday life. Reading has been demonstrated to significantly improve memory recall and focus. It is, quite simply, the most enjoyable activity.

  • Writing

The Art of Writing: How to Create Content Like a Pro

With writing, we have moved from the frying pan to the fire. Compared to reading, writing has advantages that are more firmly rooted in an individual’s communication domain. It enhances your ability to communicate with people and gives you greater mental and verbal clarity. Writing also provides advantages that support your emotional needs. It gives you a way to constructively express your sentiments and emotions and, more importantly, to become aware of your reality. While prose poetry and lyricism let your originality and uniqueness emerge, journaling has been shown to be one of the best exercises for mindfulness and mental health.

  • Online Casino

The key to earning money online is choosing the right games and setting realistic goals. If you look in the appropriate places, there are countless chances and millions of dollars to be made. Fortunately for you, we’ll try our best to inform and guide you along the proper route. The easiest method for us to respond to this query is to provide a separate response for each distinct form of online gambling/betting that exists. Today, we’ll focus specifically on online skill-based games, casino/table games, and sports betting. Although there are a few more esoteric online gaming variations, these three primary groups should cover almost all of the popular ones. Online Casino Malaysia is one of the best sites to play and earn. This is one of the best ways to spend leisure time and also earn some money.

  • Learning a new language

5 Things You Shouldn't Do when Learning a Foreign Language

This is a major one right here! When you first begin learning a new language, it may seem like a difficult, uphill effort. However, as you progress, you won’t be held to any certain pace or curriculum. You take your time doing everything. Although I am aware that learning a new language is not as simple as I have made it seem, the internet is a huge assistance. The world of languages is available to learn. Spending just 30 minutes a day on it will allow you to explore the experiences of an entire culture via the lens of its language.

  • Acquiring a hobby

In a world where time is at a premium, it is nearly impossible to comprehend what one must accomplish when he or she has some free time. We haven’t given any thought to what we would do on vacation because we are so short on free time. Getting a hobby would be one way to deal with this. Hobbies are a terrific way to enhance your personality and, possibly, your skill set and intellect. They can be anything from music to painting to knitting to watching movies or participating in sports. Your mental health can benefit greatly from doing what you love. Additionally, engaging in a pastime can open the door to wonderful friendships as you get to know others who share your interests.

  • Work out

10 Ways You Didn't Realize You're Working Out Wrong — Eat This Not That

Having little free time means that your only activities are the new age rudiments of work, work, and more work. We hardly noticed how relaxed and lethargic we had become as we went from being a youngster who ran around day and night to a post-adolescent who intentionally hibernated. Sedentary living carries significant hazards for both your physical and emotional health, so it’s crucial to get moving every day, whether it’s with a quick walk, yoga, or intense cardio. While going to the gym is a terrific way to exercise, there are challenges with it, such as the costs involved and the difficult routes you must take to get there.

To ensure that you haven’t lost that energy boost you formerly had, it would be more elegant to go for a ten-minute run in the morning. Planking, pushups, and/or crunches are excellent exercises for strengthening your core and are all simple to do at home. Yoga is a wonderful sort of physical activity that promotes mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Additionally, YouTube has a number of videos for at-home exercises that are appropriate for all body types and needs.

  • Sporting activity

Why not try something else if exercising is not your thing? A wonderful method to make sure you’re always connected to your body is to occasionally play a sport. It offers all the advantages of working out while also giving it a slight competitive edge to make you work more. The majority of sports include a large group of people, so playing them can be a great way to meet new people and make friends. Playing a sport can make it pleasurable and simple to maintain good physical and mental health!

  • Networking and socializing

People are by nature sociable animals. A crucial aspect of our life is networking and socializing. Every element of our lives can suffer by living alone and in isolation. The desire to engage with others and society at large cannot be satisfied by simply hanging out with colleagues at work, school, or college. At least once every couple of weeks, it could be a good idea to spend the evening out with some friends. By ridding yourself of business-related chatter and engaging in some much-needed banter, you can revitalize yourself. You’ll be able to perform better and be happier as a result. Additionally, interacting with people from other backgrounds and circles can teach you a lot.


It might be simple to lose yourself in continuous social media scrolling or binge-watching television instead of making the most of your leisure time. This list will prepare you to enjoy your free time in novel and fascinating ways if you’re looking for leisure activities that aren’t simply enjoyable but also advantageous to your life.


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