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8 Hyperlocal Marketing &Advertising Strategies to Drive Growth in 2021



Many people are looking to buy products or services close to where they are to satisfy their immediate needs and wants. That’s why “near me” searches have upsurged by about 500% in two years. Businesses of all sizes in a particular local area should take advantage of this opportunity by using hyperlocal marketing. It will not only boost your visibility, but it can also help increase your sales and brand awareness.

2021 is just around the corner, now is the time to develop a solid hyperlocal marketing and advertising strategy to drive growth for your business this 2021. If you don’t know where to start, you can contact a local SEO in Miami to help you develop a plan that works best for your business. Or you can also try these ten hyperlocal marketing and advertising strategies.

What Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies Should You Try in 2021?

Create a Google My Business Account

Google My Business is a free tool that can help boost your online presence. Create an account in GMB and make sure to put the accurate and complete information about your business, from your business name to the location up to your operating hours and contact number.

This tool will allow your customers to leave a review and upload photos. These are essential features because people nowadays read reviews and scan photos before deciding which establishment can offer them the best products or services. GMB also allows you to monitor the reviews, respond to them, and learn how people are searching for your business.

Choose a Mobile-Friendly Design for Your Website

According to statistics, in 2019, 52.2% of web traffic worldwide came from mobile phones. So, it’s safe to say that more people are using smartphones to search for product information than using laptops or computers. Because of this, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

Otherwise, your website visitors will be leaving before you know it! Also, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. Having a non-mobile-friendly and poor navigation website is not only bad for your SEO ranking, but it also drives away prospective customers.

According to studies, 67% of visitors are more inclined to buy at a mobile-friendly website, and 74% were more likely to return. Choose a responsive design for your website because it can help improve your SEO ranking and website visitors love them!

Create a Separate Landing Page For Each of Your Locations

If you have multiple stores across different locations, it’s best to create a separate web page for each of them. Doing this will provide your potential customers in a particular local area with all the information they need, like address, hours, menu, and whatnot. This information can help a potential customer make a purchasing decision. It also helps improve online visibility.

Encourage Your Customers to Leave a Review

Customer reviews affect people’s buying decisions. How many times have you decided to try a new product or restaurant because the reviews were good? Uh, always! So, encourage your customer to leave a review on Google. It will help drive traffic to your site or store and boost your sales! But how about bad reviews? How do you deal with it, given that it can stain your business’s reputation and impact your sales? Respond promptly and be polite and professional in your reply. Use it to improve your services or products.

Post Your Menus and Pricing Guides in Plain Text

Google’s bots cannot read images, so make sure to post your menus and pricing guides on your website in plain text. Doing this will help ensure that the bots can read your website and index it when someone types in the search box a keyword related to the products or services your offer. For example, someone types in “affordable burritos near me.” If the only time burritos were featured on your website was in the images, then Google wouldn’t know you offer burritos! So the bots won’t be able to index your site in SERPs.

Also, it would be best if you considered that not everyone could physically see your website. There are those visually impaired who use assistive technology, like screen readers, to read your website’s content. But this doesn’t mean that you should not use any photos. When putting images on your website, keep in mind to put a short description of the content in the picture so Google’s bots can read it. It’s best to use various content types on your website because it helps improve your SEO ranking.

Incorporate Highly Targeted and Hyperlocal Keywords into Your Website

Use highly targeted and hyperlocal keywords in the title of your website to rank higher on Google. Hyperlocal keywords are phrases that describe your location. It could be a landmark, a famous street, a city’s name, or a well-known local attraction site. It would be best to incorporate these keywords in your website homepage content and use it as an H1 tag on your website’s other service pages.

For example, your business specializes in repairing used furniture. Your website title, homepage, content, and services pages should contain the keywords furniture repair in Miami. Doing this will not only help Google determine that your website is relevant to a web user’s inquiry about furniture repair, but also you’re an expert at it!

Produce Hyperlocal Content

Produce hyperlocal content to increase your rankings and to attract people’s interest in a particular local area. Your posts should also have an appropriate linking structure so Google can understand what you’re associated with locally. Doing this will help you rank better organically.

Produce various forms of content, from blog posts to video content up to images and infographics. Make sure they contain information that resonates with your target audience. Sometimes, it’s challenging to reach an audience in a particular local area. It’s best if you hire a local SEO in Miami because they know the interests of a local area you want to be involved in.

Target Users using Paid Hyperlocal Advertisements

Using hyperlocal advertisements to reach your target audience can generate more sales. Use location-tracking features and geo-fencing to help you target people in a particular location effectively and get leads.

Here are tips on how to use paid hyperlocal ads to drive more traffic to your business:

  • Target customers near your location
  • Target customers near your competitor’s area
  • Target tourist-heavy destinations

Looking to Earn Rankings for Local SEO in Miami?

Use hyperlocal marketing and advertising strategies to drive growth in your business this 2021! Tap into your local SEO in Miami to help you develop strategies that work best for your company.


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