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If you want to have knives in the kitchen in a single style solution, then it will be most convenient to purchase a kitchen knife set, this option has many advantages.

Before discussing more we want to inform you that you can buy knives, knife set and real Damascus knife from our online store.


Single style

By purchasing a set of kitchen knives, you provide yourself with excellent tools that stand out with a single design and look presentable. This is an undoubted advantage compared to any and such familiar, but motley accessories. Very often, an attractive appearance is not only desirable, but indispensable for pleasant work in the kitchen.


When buying a set of kitchen knives on a magnet, in many cases you get different coasters, magnetic tapes, holders and much more in the kit. This allows you to solve two problems at once, to acquire knives and accessories for their storage.

Large selection of options

You can buy a three-piece set, or a larger collection. It all depends on what you are going to purchase and what features of the knife you need, how many items will satisfy your needs. Will it be a basic set of classic three knives or something more extensive?

The sets are just perfect for a gift

they look presentable and interesting, have excellent characteristics, are stylish and interesting. You can find original options with a beautiful design, for example, Damascus steel kitchen knives.

The cost of the set is on average lower than if you purchase all the options separately, which ultimately allows you to save a lot. For example, you can buy kitchen knives made of Damascus steel at a high price, but the whole collection will be an order of magnitude lower in cost.

Knives from the same set will have similar requirements. For example, they will have a single sharpening angle, which simplifies maintenance. It can be either a grindstone or an electric sharpener set to the same parameters.

Appliances are selected by professionals, so the sets will please you with a wonderful combination of characteristics – the options complement each other perfectly and cover all the basic kitchen activities. The size of the set should be determined based on needs.

In our online store you can buy a set for the kitchen of St. Petersburg in any configuration, find an option for a gift or your own kitchen. Virtual showcases present modern and high-quality Japanese knives in various types and modifications.


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