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A Writer’s Essential: GogoPDF for Your Written Work Needs



Writing is a great way to express oneself. It’s a way to tell other people your emotions and opinions, may it be in the most artistic or technical sense. The great thing about writing is, apart from being a hobby and outlet, you can also make a living out of it. Therefore, many people have chosen a career path in writing. But many people may not know that just like any other job, writing is hard, too. Making words into good statements and sentences takes years of practice. It’s both talent and skill in one. You need to make your written work something people would read. And you need to have the right tools to help you with writing, too.

If you’re a writer and you want to make the most out of your written work, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll introduce you to GogoPDF, which is essential for all the writers out there to make the most out of their written documents. Are you interested, well, then keep on reading to find out more!

So, what’s GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is an online software as a service (or Saas) tool that lets you utilize your files to their full potential. You can easily convert Word to PDF, merge PDF, watermark PDF, and so much more! There’s no need to download any additional apps or software to use GogoPDF, all you need to do is access their website through a web browser on either your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You don’t need to pay or subscribe to anything, either! Access to GogoPDF is simple, so there’s no hassle to it. Also, you can be sure your files are kept safe. Their server will autodelete all uploaded files after an hour. So, you’ll be sure your files don’t fall into the wrong hands.

But why PDFs?

As a writer, you’ll be creating your written work and drafts in Word format. The problem with Word or any other raw document file types is that they change formatting, depending on the software or device used. So, the saved Word file on your computer will look different on a smartphone, or even when printed. This is a hassle for you, your client, or the recipient of your document because the document is messed up. Having to copy and paste the entire document into a new file is time-consuming, so the best way to resolve this is to save it in PDF format. In the long-run, you’ll save a ton of memory space too with PDFs since they’re much smaller in size compared to other raw documents. So, when saving or sending, PDF documents not only take less time but also less space. It has a lot of perks, and so many people like to use this file type.

Conversion with GogoPDF

As a writer, you should make things easier for your recipients, readers, and yourself! It’s more professional when you lessen the hassle for your clients when reading your written work or drafts. So, always keep in mind that you have to be professional and you have to make everything easy for everyone. Let’s now get into how you can make the most of your writing with GogoPDF.

Word to PDF

Converting your Word document to PDF is very easy with GogoPDF. Just visit their website and go to the Word to PDF tab. Click “Select Files” to choose which files you want to convert. Or you can just open a folder and click and drag the files to the browser. Once you have selected your files, the server will start converting your files. All you have to do is wait for a minute or two for the conversion to finish. Once the conversion has finished, you can now download the files or copy the link and share them on your social media accounts or with recipients. Quick and easy, right?

Merge PDF

This tool is great for your lengthy written work. It’s best to combine all PDFs into one big file, instead of hassling yourself by uploading each file individually. You’ll also lessen the hassle for your recipients since they can just download everything in one go!

Watermark PDF

As a writer, you should take care of your written work. Protect your files with watermarks and you’ll make it harder for any potential unauthorized distributors to spread your work without your permission. You can easily track down who’s the distributor of your file because it has your watermark.

Give it a go!

Being a writer is more than just a hobby or outlet, it’s also a way to make an income. Let GogoPDF help you out with your written work. Make the most out of your documents with this awesome tool. Go ahead and give it a go. We hope this article helps you out with your written work needs. Good luck!


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