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Back Stretches: Technique And Recommendations



Stretching the back is a practice that helps prevent and treat injuries, as it helps to relax and strengthen the muscles. It is a habit that anyone should include in their daily routine. It is a part of physical therapy. However, the technique must be adequate for the stretch to be performed effectively and fulfil its function. At our Winnipeg Beverly physiotherapy clinic, we treat a huge variety of people, from athletes with sports injuries and office workers with back stretches.


Stretching your back is a quick and easy habit that can help prevent injuries, especially in the lower back. By performing adequate stretching, the muscle fibers are stretched, which prevents injuries that can be disabling for the patient.

Also, stretching the back has very beneficial effects on health and sports practice. In the first place, it contributes to muscle relaxation, which avoids tension in muscles and ligaments, contributes to the strengthening of the musculature and, finally, improves the spine’s flexibility.

When should the back be stretched?

The stretching of the back takes on special importance before and after sports practice before since it helps to warm up the body and, after, to reposition the locomotor system and that the muscles return to their place.

However, it would be advisable to perform back stretches daily, for example, before starting the day after lying down all night or staying for long periods of time in the same position, for example, during the working day in office work.

By including this habit in the daily routine, you could avoid back injuries caused, in many cases, by unconsciously forced positions by staying for hours in the same position.


When performing back stretches, the technique is important, as the incorrect technique can lead to injury. It is recommended that a specialized physiotherapist supervise the techniques and guide a suitable stretching routine for each patient.

How to perform a correct technique when stretching the back?

As explained, when performing back stretches, the technique becomes very important. The basis of a correct technique when stretching the back is to avoid forced positions and sudden movements, which can cause injury to the patient.

Exercises to stretch the back

There are multiple exercises, which can be performed anywhere. It is unnecessary to have specific material or infrastructure, which can be very useful to stretch the back muscles and, thus, prevent injuries.

A series of exercises to stretch the back, which should be performed daily, will be briefly explained below. First, lying on your back, the knees’ weight is dropped to one side, and the upper torso is turned to the other side. It is advisable to do it towards both sides for twenty seconds in each rotation.

Second, in the same position, the knees are raised and placed against the chest, allowing the lower back to stretch. Another of the most effective stretches for the lower back is sitting on the knees, leaning the body forward and stretching the arms as far as it will go.

Finally, to stretch the posterior column, you must stand up and lower your body until you rest your hands on the floor, noticing how your spine stretches. It is advisable to maintain the posture for at least 30 seconds.

As explained, performing back stretches can have excellent results in the prevention and treatment of injuries. For this, it is good to have a physiotherapist’s advice to help you achieve an adequate technique.



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