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Better insulate than never: why you should install wall insulation in your home



Between the cost of living crisis and the climate emergency, it comes as no surprise that many people are looking to install an energy saving measure, such as insulation or solar pv, in their homes. As insulation is the ideal measure to keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round, we have provided a selection of reasons why you should install insulation in your home.

It’s the cheapest energy saving measure

On top of bringing great savings and effective warmth to your home, another benefit of wall insulation is that it is the cheapest energy saving measure to install. Typically, a flat or mid-terrace house costs between £300 and £400 to insulate, while a detached house costs just over £800. Semi-detached and bungalows lie somewhere in the middle of that price point. Moreover, it is the energy saving method that offers the biggest payback, compared to other measures.

You will save money

There’s no denying that you will save money when you install wall insulation. In fact, some homeowners could save up to £245 a year after having cavity wall insulation installed. This is because the heat that your boiler produces is held in your home for longer periods of time, meaning you don’t need to run the boiler for as long, saving energy, thus saving you money on your energy bills.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The vast majority of homes are heated by gas or electricity, which is generated by burning fossil fuels. As we know, burning fossil fuels is damaging to the environment, but installing insulation, as explained above, will reduce the amount of heat you need to produce. When you have cavity wall or external wall insulation installed, you will cut down on your heating waste, reducing the amount of demand for energy and generation. The more efficient your home is, the more the UK’s carbon usage would drop.

It’s quick and easy to install

Cavity wall insulation is one of the least invasive energy saving measures available and can usually be installed within 24 hours. External wall insulation is also a quick installation process, but generally takes between a week and 10 days to install. Both processes cause very little disruption to the household, as both measures are installed from the outside of the home. On top of this, it’s super easy to find a tradesman to complete the job. Simply put external wall insulation near me or cavity wall insulation near me into Google, and watch the results flood in.

It reduces outside noise

As well as reducing your carbon footprint, insulation is also a valuable tool to help reduce noise pollution, which is ideal for a person who lives close to a busy main road or bustling high street. Wall insulation serves as an acoustic insulator, reducing the noise that reaches you in your home. Additionally, it will also reduce the impact of the noise from your home on your neighbours properties.

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