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Choosing The Best CBD For Dogs



CBD is also known as cannabidiol which is a chemical found naturally in cannabis (read more). This substance is non-psychoactive, unlike THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that can get you “high”. There are a bunch of researches on this natural medication, but some of it is still in its early stages. Some pieces of evidence find out that CBD might be helpful to treat several conditions like arthritis, cancer, pain, and anxiety. Because of this benefit, CBD pet products are produced, which makes some pet owners curious about their effectiveness.

What you have to know is that this product hasn’t been approved by the FDA yet for use in animals. So, though it’s for sale, it doesn’t mean that they’re considered beneficial or safe for pets. Given that, we will see the current research on the use of cannabis for dogs, as well as explain the benefits and risks to make you well-informed.

The Reason To Use Cannabidiol

For humans, CBD is mentioned as a useful way to treat various health problems, including anxiety, arthritis, pain management, cancer, and also seizures. Although the use of this medication is under-researched, we’ve listed some levels of scientific evidence for each problem.

  • Pain

CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits that can cure dogs with arthritis. It is also effective to help other types of inflammatory pain, like IVDD or back pain from intervertebral disc disease. Studies on humans show that products containing both THC and CBD are much more effective for pain relief compared to when the drug is given alone. Yet, there’s no research on pets, so do not give them medication with THC.

  • Arthritis

Arthritis or osteoarthritis is a common inflammatory problem in canines. And since CBD has metabolic pathways containing anti-inflammatory drugs, it will help them with certain inflammatory conditions. One in four dogs is diagnosed with arthritis, and most of them have some health problems. Research has shown that the substance can give substantial pain relief for canines with osteoarthritis when it’s given twice daily or with appropriate doses.

  • Anxiety

It is a big misconception that this drug can manage a dog’s anxiety. The fact is that CBD oil for dogs could help indirectly reduce the anxiety that is caused by inflammation and pain. CBD is not psychoactive, that is why it cannot treat your canine anxiety-like Prozac or other drugs do. The use of this medication for treating anxiety in pets needs thorough research.

  • Seizures

The most studied application of cannabidiol in people is seizures, but studies on pets are still limited. Some dogs experience seizures that are caused by a vast number of certain conditions. To treat this, several researchers suggest the use of CBD to at least reduce the frequency of the problem. However, the use of it to treat idiopathic epilepsy will be more effective if they are given traditional anti-seizure medications together.

  • Cancer

Like seizures, cancer is also diverse. The specific disease requires specific beneficial treatments. In people, CBD is proven to use for cancer patients both to treat the chemotherapy effect and the secondary symptoms of cancer as well as to treat the tumor directly. The research on dogs is still very limited.

However, the studies conducted on ferrets and rats show promising results as well as in people. The anti-nausea effect of these meds in people who suffer from chemotherapy effect is effective. And canines may also experience the same benefits from this treatment.

  • Side Effects Of Medical Cannabis

There is no clear scientific data on the possible side effects of medical cannabis usage for dogs, but there are some found on humans on how the CBD affects them. To minimize the negative side effects, you better follow the proper dosage. The first possible effect is drowsiness, especially if you give your dogs higher doses of medical cannabis. When treating dogs with anxiety with this calming medication, your dogs may experience slight drowsiness.

Another one is lowered blood pressure. High doses of these natural meds may cause a drop in blood pressure temporarily. Though it’s small, it can create a feeling of lightheadedness. The dogs might also experience dry mouth since it can decrease saliva production. Your dogs will be easily thirsty when taking this medication.

Products On The Market

When you and your vets already opt for CBD to treat your dog’s problem, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when choosing the right one. What you have to know is every oil is different. It’s better to choose a high-quality one to make it work effectively.

The first thing to consider is whether the oil is organic. If the oil isn’t organic, at least choose the one that’s not containing fungicides, pesticides, or solvents. And choose the one with a high price. Products with a high price tend to be having higher purity and quality as well. Also, make sure that the oil is free of additives (link:

The next thing is buying CBD as a liquid because it’s the best form of medical cannabis. You may buy dog food and treat it but, it’s better in tincture or oil form. The last thing to consider is getting the analysis. The manufacturer has to provide you with a certificate that mentions the CBD amount in the product.

You need to be careful because some products only contain a very small amount which won’t be effectively working. Also, make sure that there’s no THC in your products. If you want to make sure the choice is right, read the reviews by the customers or vets.


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