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Crystal Glow Up Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Gemstone Jewellery




Wearing gemstone jewellery is not just about adding a touch of sparkle to your look, it is about adding a tinge of vibrancy to your outfits, and expressing your personality. Tapping into the unique energy each stone is believed to possess is an exciting journey.

But with so many dazzling options, are you wondering how you can find the piece that resonates with your style? In this blog, you will be guided to choose the perfect shimmering pieces that resonate with your vibe.

4 Tips to Remember While Choosing Gemstone Jewellery

Check out the following 4 tips that will help you find the most stunning piece of gemstone jewellery that connects with your personality:

  1. Identify Your Style

Finding the perfect jewellery starts with identifying your style. If you are a minimalistic girlie, then jewellery with subtle accents will complement your outfit, making you look elegant. You can also go for bold colourful statement pieces, such as a charm necklace or charm bracelet, if you want your personality to shine through.

  1. Choose the Gemstone You’d Like to Wear

There are over 300 gemstones, and each of them carries a unique energy and symbolism. Explore the most common gemstones that are used for making jewellery. For example, amethyst gemstones symbolise inner peace and intuition, while rose quartz embody love and compassion. You can choose to wear a pink sapphire ring to reflect your wisdom and loyal nature.

  1. Consider Your Colour Palette

Wearing gemstone jewellery of the colour that suits your undertone can change your entire look. If you are a warm-tone girlie, then earthy gems such as garnet or amber will complement the gorgeous yellow hue of your skin. Cool-toned girlies should add a pop of blue or green, such as sapphire or emerald to rock their looks.

  1. Prioritise Comfort, Quality and Practicality

While choosing gemstone jewellery, you should choose sturdy materials so that you can slay your everyday looks. Look out for hypoallergenic metals like 14 KT and 18 KT gold if you have sensitive skin. Moreover, you should always buy your pieces of jewellery from a reputable seller who provides an authenticity certificate for their valuable gemstones.

Gemstone Jewellery Trends That Will Change Your Fashion Game

Check out the trendy gemstone jewellery that you should incorporate into your vanity to level up your fashion game:

Vibrant Gold and Gemstone Necklace

An alluring 14 KT gold and gemstone necklace is perfect for the days you can dress simply but want your shine to not fade away. The spectrum of different gemstone colours adds vibrancy to your OOTD, making you look effortlessly stylish.

Elegant Gold and Pearl Hoop Earrings

A twisted gold and pearl hoop earring is a perfect fusion of elegance and chic. You can wear this to your office party or for brunch with your girls. The timeless elegance of yellow gold and white pearls will add a soft gleam to your look.

Statement Blue Topaz Bangle

Go for a twirl blue topaz bangle when you want to make a statement. Wear it to an office meeting, and let your wrists exude your confidence. You can pair up a dainty necklace with this bangle to add that sparkling glamour to your look.

Dreamy Amethyst Ring

Show off your quirky side by wearing a checkered-cut amethyst finger ring. The purply-hue will complement any skin undertone, making it a versatile jewellery choice for days you want to slay effortlessly. To make the look pop more, pair it up with amethyst drop earrings.

Unlock Your Inner Sparkle with Gemstone Jewellery

If you are looking to add spice to your #OOTD, look no further than gemstone jewellery. With a blend of contemporary designs and timeless elegance, you can rock any outfit while staying on a budget.

Moreover, trusting Mia by Tanishq for their gemstone jewellery will help to accentuate your individuality while adding a touch of magic to your everyday life. Check out their latest collection online and discover a world of shimmering possibilities.




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