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Good SEO practices: how to improve your website



We got to the point of the key question: how to improve the positioning of your website? Thinking about it, we separated the main techniques of how to do Winnipeg SEO, even without much practice, to start the changes from now on.

Page title

The title of the page (title) refers to a property of the HTML code, identified by the phrase that appears in the browser tab or on the Google results page. And, when it comes to how to do the SEO of a website, it is the most important element, because it speaks exactly about “what is” that page. Therefore, be careful that the space is not occupied by slogans or phrases that do not describe the content well.

Meta description

The meta description is part of the tips to improve your website’s SEO. It consists of a code inserted on the page, with no ranking weight. This means that the keywords in the description will not be responsible for improving or worsening the positioning on Google.

So, spending time to fill the meta description with attractive text and good arguments is an excellent deal, which can increase the clickthrough rate, when your site appears among the search engine results.

URL (page address)

Website with SEO optimized needs to have the URL in its favor. Google’s algorithm scans for keywords also on the page’s own address.

Thus, it is important to avoid URLs with codes and give preference to be descriptive, short and have the main keyword, for example: “”.

Page look

As for the images, within the SEO techniques, pay attention to: file name (simple and direct), accompanied by an alternative text (alt text), with size appropriate to your context.

So, you help Google determine what the image of that page is about. The figure must be optimized and compacted, to reduce its weight and not impact the page loading time and, consequently, bring a negative user experience.

Headings (subtitles)

There is the possibility to determine subtitles to the code of a page. These elements specify the priority of some parts, varying in increasing order of relevance, designated by the letter “H”. That is, from H1, more importantly, to H6.

Headings are indicated by codes <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5> and <h6> and it is recommended to use a single H1 (title) per page. If necessary, multiple H2 and H3. This “formula” is part of how-to SEO a website.


We have already mentioned the importance of speaking the same language as Google to have a good result of organic (unpaid) searches. Well, it is important to understand that the internet is composed of a universe of links.

The links work like the robots of each search engine. For this reason, “link” your site’s internal content on the main page, so that your user gets everything they need there, in a practical and concentrated way in one click.


I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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