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Handle Your Acne With These 6 Solutions



When pores get clogged by sweat, oily skin, dirt, or debris, it can lead to a skin condition called acne. Acne is often embarrassing and frustrating, especially for men, who don’t wear makeup regularly. Getting pimples and acne can impact anyone at any time. Some factors that influence the formation of these bright red spots on the face are age, hormone shifts, skin infections, stress, and even diet. All of these factors work together to create the perfect environment where awkward skin can flourish.

Eat Better Foods

What you eat reflects itself on your skin. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is great for all sorts of reasons. While some people can eat all the sugar and chips and junk food they want and never have acne-filled skin, others are not so lucky. If you want to give your skin a chance to look its best, check what you’re eating. A low glycemic index diet combined with eating less oily foods can greatly improve your skin tone and quality. This includes reducing the severity and frequency of acne breakouts.

Check for Allergies

Some food allergies and even autoimmune diseases make people more prone to acne on the face. Two of the most common allergens that cause acne are dairy products and gluten. These two things are known to increase inflammation, impact gut health, and cause multiple skin issues from diaper rashes on children to psoriasis in adults. Gluten is also associated with celiac disease. The gluten protein causes intestinal damage leading to problems ranging from GI issues to acne and other skin conditions.

Don’t Use Greasy Lotion

It’s important that you don’t clog your pores if you are prone to acne. Greasy lotion often contains larger particles that can block your pores from being able to secrete natural sebum. This causes the sebum to get trapped, leading to swelling and inflammation known as acne. It’s important to look for non-comedogenic lotions that do not clog pores if you want to reduce your acne. Some people are able to use a small amount of oil like avocado oil or apricot seed oil in lieu of traditional lotions because they also have anti-inflammatory properties and don’t always clog pores.

Wash Your Face at Night

Your face gets exposed to a lot of different particles all day long. If you live in a city with a lot of pollution, microscopic particles can land on your face and build up, leading to acne breakouts. Those who live out in the country may be more prone to getting dirt and dust on them instead. When you wash your face at night, you remove those tiny particles and open your pores allowing them to function properly and to reduce the amount of acne you get. Additionally, those who wear makeup during the day will want to remove it from their face to ensure nothing can block those pores.

Do Regular Skin Treatments

Using a gentle cleanser instead of harsh soap on your face is where you should start. You can use lotions and creams as long as they don’t clog your pores. Some people love using peel pads to reduce the appearance of acne. These pads gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells, excess oils, and other things that clog your pores. Some people even choose to get professional skin treatments to help cleanse their skin, use quality products to moisturize and protect, and to remove layers that are blocking pores and causing acne.

Try Medications

Some people choose medically prescribed options for their acne. They find that medications are more effective and sometimes even easier to use. Trial and error can get frustrating, and these medications are often proven to get rid of acne more quickly. One of the undesirable side effects is that it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Even with this side effect, it’s more desirable to say goodbye to acne. Additionally, a trained dermatologist can help you discover the type of acne you have to help you better understand ways that you can more naturally reduce it and in some cases even get rid of it. Having acne isn’t the worst thing in the world. There are plenty of ways to treat and eliminate your skin issues.


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