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Health Benefits of Sailing



There is no denying that sailing is an amazing activity that most people prefer to do in their leisure activities. One can enjoy their holiday peacefully far away from the hustle-bustle of life. Also, you can enjoy this sport alone, or with family and friends. It helps in indulging in some quality time with yourself while fishing or simply relaxing on the deck.

However, most people fail to understand that sailing is beyond a sport or a hobby. Besides providing the freedom to decide what to do and where to go, it also provides a series of health benefits. Here are some benefits that help you understand how popular sailing is as not just a sport but a great physical and mental activity for sailors.

Sailing Establishes Muscle Strength

The most beneficial part about sailing is that it involves pulling lines and also trimming and hoisting sails to help sailors maneuver their boat effectively. As a result, these types of activities help in developing muscle strength on your back and shoulders. Besides, it helps your thighs and legs too. Such activities also enhance your hand-to-eye coordination, flexibility, fine motor skills, endurance, and agility.

Sailing Enhances Cardiovascular Health

There are a lot of physical activities involved in sailing as already discussed above. When you are involved in rigorous activities, the lungs get a good workout and also offer adequate oxygen to your body. Consequently, it also improves your heart health. The advantages are additionally enhanced by the good air quality that you breathe in when you are at the center of the sea. When you have better cardiovascular health, there are reduced chances of hypertension and other diseases related to the heart.

Sailing Keeps Strengthening Your Bones

When the body is exposed to sunlight, it produces vitamin D and it is important for the good health of bones. When you start your sailing adventure, you get ample access and exposure to the sun  just imagine the benefits from a week sailing in the Caribbean instead of being stuck in the European winter. Also, the question of man-made things coming in the way of sunlight does not arise. However, it is ideal to expose your body to the sun during the early hours of the morning as the rays of the sun are not too harsh. Besides, make sure to apply some sunscreen to protect your skin from any kind of sun damage. You can carry a pair of sunglasses along with a hat to reduce the chances of strain in the eyes and headaches.

Sailing Improves Mental Wellness

When you are surrounded by serene waters and take in the fresh air, it largely contributes to improving your mental wellbeing. The salt that is present in the air helps in absorbing oxygen and also helps in balancing the serotonin content in your system. When you are near the water most of the time, it helps in soothing your mind and also elevating your mood. The calmness of flowing water helps a lot of sailors forget all their worries and keeps their mental wellbeing in place. Thus, these are some of the key benefits you can reap if you are planning to pursue sailing as a sport or just a hobby.


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