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How to Buy Cigars – Finding the Best




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Good cigars have always been a favorite luxury and pastime of many. Close to 9 million adults in the United States smoke cigars. Buying cigars is every bit an art and part of the allure of the hobby.

If you’d like to stock up on some wonderful options, we’re happy to steer you toward them. Here’s what you should know when you’re ready to buy cigars that you’ll fall in love with.

Look For Award Winners

Smoking cigars that are top-quality never has to be expensive. Cigar publications and experts constantly leave reviews and scores for the best cigars in the world at any price range. Since they smoke so slowly, it’s always a cost-effective matter that will let you indulge this hobby to your heart’s content.

Check the latest offerings and stock up on some past years’ award-winners. This is an excellent way to learn which brands and types are the most sought-after.

Decide on the Body and Flavor

Look into the body and flavor of the cigar when you’re searching for the attributes you’ll love the most. Some of the most important aspects of cigars to key in on include:

  • The tobacco region and cultivation method
  • The wrapper
  • The style of the cigar
  • Whether it’s mild, medium, or robust
  • The different taste notes

Just like people taste wines to discern the different grapes and flavor notes, people enjoy cigar smoke for similar reasons. A good cigar might offer taste notes such as chocolate, leather, nuts, coffee, spice, sugar, and earth.

Shop Based on Region and Brand

There are plenty of great cigars found all over the world. You can explore cigars from some of the top manufacturers to learn how their products are made, and to taste their feature options.

Some of the best areas where cigars are cultivated include:

  • The Dominican Republic
  • Cuba
  • Nicaragua
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Miami, Florida
  • Paris
  • Mexico

Looking into cigars from these areas will let you know more about their cultural significance. You’ll get to know the process and where to find some of the highest-quality brands around.

Visit a Cigar Lounge

Touch base with a local tobacco shop that holds events, has knowledgeable staff and fosters a thriving cigar community in your area. The more you get into cigars, the more you will recognize that it’s a social activity.

When you develop a core group of people that you compare notes with and get suggestions from, your cigar knowledge will start to multiply quickly. Many cigar brands also show up to these shops to offer seminars and cigar events that let you come away with free samples.

Buy Cigars That You’ll Love

These tips will help you buy cigars that you’re highly likely to fall in love with. It’s a unique hobby that you’ll find interesting and fulfilling. When you start with a strong foundation, you’ll have plenty of good options to add to your collection.

If you’re ready to buy the best cigars in the world, check out our other articles to keep deepening your cigar knowledge.

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