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How to Choose the Best BB Gun for Kids: 6 Tips



Is your child bored out of their mind right now? Well, they’re not the only ones. Parents across the country have heard their kids say “I’m bored” at least 6 times a day since the COVID quarantines hit last year!

If you’re running low on ideas for how to keep them entertained, then a BB gun for kids could be the ultimate solution. Whether they use it for target practice in the yard or weekend hunting trips with dad, they’ll always have something fun to do with a child-friendly BB gun in the house. But first, you’ve got to find the best possible kids BB guns for sale.

And, with a phenomenal number to choose between these days, that can be easier said than done. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered. Read on for 6 top tips on choosing the best BB guns for kids.

1. Think About the Weight and Length

Whether you buy pistol BB guns for kids or full-blown rifles, it’s imperative that they’re an appropriate weight. Buy something that’s too heavy and it’ll be difficult for your child to wield properly! It has to be light enough for them to handle with ease, so they can raise, hold, and fire the weapon without putting any strain on their body.

If you decide to buy a rifle instead, then you’ll need to take the length into account as well. BB rifles that are too long can be just as awkward for kids to handle, causing further frustration and potential safety issues in the process. The best way to prevent these issues is to let your kid try the rifle beforehand to ensure it’s a suitable length and weight.

2. Think About Purpose

The most important question to ask as you embark on this process is: “What specific tasks will your child be using the BB gun for?” Trust us, your answer to that question will hone your search, narrow down your possible options, and pinpoint the most appropriate model(s) for your child.

After all, BB guns come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. They vary in terms of power, accuracy, and all-around quality, making them suitable for different tasks as a result. For example, a BB pistol might be perfect for target practice in the backyard, but totally inadequate for hunting!

That’s why identifying the purpose of your child’s BB gun is key. It’ll stop you from wasting money on something that isn’t up to scratch.

3. Consider Power

The ‘right’ amount of power for an air gun goes hand in hand with the tasks for which you’re going to use it. In other words, anyone (adult or child) who buys a BB gun needs it to pack enough punch for the job!

Bear that in mind when you’re shopping for the best BB gun for kids. If you want to teach them about firearm safety, then any old BB gun will do. But if you want to teach them the joys of hunting, they’ll need enough power to make a kill.

It goes without saying that the matter of safety comes into the equation here too. Giving a young and inexperienced shooter a high-powered BB gun has the potential to end badly! Not only do you have to find a model that’s an appropriate power then; you need to decide if your child’s old and responsible enough to handle it.

4. Check the Propulsion Mechanism

A BB gun’s power is regulated by its propulsion method. In general, kids’ BB guns use two different mechanisms: lever-action or CO2-powered.

Lever-action models are cocked by hand and propel pellets through the air using (as the name suggests) an internal lever. It’s slower to load, less powerful, and safer all-around. This makes them a good option for younger kids who only want something for recreational use in the yard.

By comparison, CO2-powered BB guns are much more powerful. They utilize compressed gas to propel pellets through the air. This makes them a more practical firearm in terms of accuracy and range, but they may pack too much punch for some kids.

5. Rate of Fire

Remember when we mentioned how much variety you find in BB guns nowadays? Well, a good example of that’s found in their rate of fire. You can buy models that are single-shot, semi-automatic, and even fully-automatic!

If you’re looking for cheap BB guns for kids, then single-shots are your best bet. Prices vary, but they’re by far the most affordable option. They’re also safer because your child needs to load each pellet using a manual action (thereby limiting their shooting rate).

Semi-autos are single-shot weapons that boast a handy automatic reloading mechanism. This could simplify everything for young children, though you can expect to pay more for the privilege! Automatic BB guns for kids continue shooting until you release the trigger, making them good fun yet more expensive and dangerous to boot.

6. Decide Between Plastic or Metal BBs

Another distinction between BB guns is the type of ammunition they use. Some (referred to as airguns) use steel pellets, while others (known as airsoft) use plastic ones. Once again, the right choice for your child depends on what they’ll be doing.

Metal BBs are heavier, more accurate, and can shoot over long distances. They also tend to be more dangerous though. Getting struck by a metal pellet is no joke, which is why they’re well-suited to aspiring hunters.

Plastic pellets are larger yet lighter than metal ones. Their lightweight nature means they move faster through the air but get hindered by the elements. This can hinder your child’s accuracy and limits them to shorter ranges.

Time to Choose the Best BB Gun for Kids

Buying a BB gun for kids might sound like a bad idea. In reality, though, it makes perfect sense! Alongside keeping them entertained, they’re perfect tools for educating children on weapon safety and teaching them how to hunt.

The hard part is finding the best BB gun for the task. With any luck, the tips in this post will help in that regard. Search ‘guns’ on the website to read more articles like this one now.

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