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How To Live a More Outdoorsy Life



Spending more time outdoors and being environmentally friendly has become extremely popular over the last few years. Whether you’re an extremely outdoor-oriented person or not, summer is right around the corner, and summer is for getting fresh air, heading to the beach, and just spending time basking in all the outdoors has to offer.

While you have to be careful and take safety precautions with everything from mosquito bites to swimming pool and beach safety, you should spend more time outdoors this year, and don’t forget to include your pup in your and your family’s outdoor activities. In this article, you’ll find a few ways that you can be more outdoorsy this upcoming summer season.

Go on a picnic.


Picnics are always fun and something you can do with your family and your pooch. Plan a picnic in one of your local outdoor parks or other areas you love. Just make sure you follow safety guidelines for transporting food—you wouldn’t want any of your picnickers to fall sick due to food or ingredients that have been out too long. A picnic will get the whole family outdoors, and if you carry a baseball or football with you, you can have some fun together and get some exercise at the same time.

When heading to your favorite picnic site, you want to keep your family pet safe and secure while you’re in the car. You can do this by purchasing a dog seat belt from a reputable site. The right dog seat belt harness will ensure that your pup is safe when in the backseat of your car should an accident occur. You should also order a leash and harness for your dog to ensure they are safe in the area you have your picnic in as well. The seat belt will protect them in the car, while the leash and harness will protect them while you’re in the park or other outdoor area.

Go camping.


A camping trip is a perfect way to get outdoors and get back to nature. It’s something you can take the entire family and your pup to do as well. If you’re a beginner at the whole outdoor camping thing, you could start by camping in your own backyard. Either way, you need to have a reliable form of natural tick repellent available at all times. It would help if you sprayed your yard for mosquitos, ticks, fleas, ants, and other pests, not only for pet safety, but for family safety as well. Mosquitos carry diseases that can make you and your family very sick, from the West Niles Virus to Zika, malaria, and more. Effective mosquito control can be achieved with rosemary, lavender, essential oils, and even peppermint. It’s also a good idea to remove any standing water that mosquitos can lay mosquito larvae in that will hatch later on.

Make sure that you have enough mosquito repellent on hand to treat your yard and a mosquito repellent with Deet or some other form of repellent to keep you, your family, and your pet safe on your camping trip, whether it’s in a national park or your own backyard.

Take a daily walk.


Make a habit of taking a daily walk with your family and your pooch to get more outdoor time for each of you. Sometimes you need to ease into being more of an outdoorsy person. Taking a walk every day is the perfect way to accomplish that goal, and it gives you exercise and fresh air at the same time.

These are just a few of the ways that you can become a more outdoorsy person this upcoming summer season. Take your pets and family with you, and spend quality time together as well.

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