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How to Redesign an Office for Greater Productivity



Redesigning a space can differentiate between increased productivity and a lackluster work environment. The average American spends roughly 80% of his waking hours at work. In this modern age, we have forgotten that it is a place for productivity and learning, not just a place to sit and get paid. Creating an environment conducive to productivity is one of the most important things you can do as you work. There some several ways in which you can make your office more productive;

Storage and shelves

Keep things out of sight and protect them from animals. Tidy up the clutter around your desk by removing things like coffee cups, stacks of paper, and even the keyboard tray from your keyboard so you can see the entire thing at a glance. Also, instead of a big open shelf for all your stuff, use a series of shelves with a few different heights so you can find what you need in seconds.

The best way to determine how much storage you need is to examine the work you do in your office and figure out which items you need most frequently. Several types of filing cabinets allow for easy access to your papers. This brings proper organization, which enhances swift workflow in the office. You can use baskets or bins to hold other less often used items, like pens, pencils, or scissors. And if you have a lot of loose paper around the office that you could use as filler material, consider setting aside some shelves or drawers for it.

Create a focal point

When it comes to redesigning your office space, one of the most critical factors is to create a focal point. Consider adding touches that make it feel more welcoming and personal. For example, a bold, colorful statement piece can radically change the feel of your room. Frame up a piece at the local art store and position it in your office so that its reflection is visible at every angle (or just put it on the floor.)

The best place for the focal point is directly above eye level. It has to be something that stands out quickly and effectively – and it can’t be something too small to see from afar. Try to position your focal point somewhere that’s easy to see from but not so high as to obscure your view of others working near you.

Lighting is key

Companies need to revamp their offices and make them more inviting to attract a productive workforce. Light is essential for human performance and productivity. Even if your workspace is perfectly arranged with perfectly aligned desks and perfectly positioned chairs, it can be challenging to concentrate during the day. That’s why light is such an essential factor in office design.

Choose a new type of lighting that won’t overheat the room or cause glare from other lights in the room. Opt for task lighting instead of overhead lighting, so you don’t end up squinting at a computer screen all day long. Go with adjustable and dimmable lamps so you can control the amount of light in your office space. Also, you can take advantage of daylight by installing blinds that let in natural light during the day and cut out artificial light at night.

Decorate with colors that suit your brand

Give your office a fresh look with new paint colors, flooring, and decor. Do you have an old filing cabinet? Paint it bright yellow and put in an acrylic window on the front to make it look more like an actual filing cabinet than something you’d see in someone’s garage or attic. Also, consider decorating with colors that suit your brand.

You may have a collection of chairs and tables in different colors, but if everyone uses them in their way, they won’t be cohesive and help create unity in your office or building. Pick colors that go well together to create cohesion as far as brand goes.

Search for good furniture

An ergonomic desk or chair is essential for good posture and comfort during work hours. Look for items in neutral colors that won’t clash with your decor. Choose retailers that offer free shipping. This also helps you avoid getting stuck with furniture you don’t want. Rather than using separate desks for each employee, consider using open offices that allow all employees to mingle. This helps bring people together and exposes them to new ideas from their teammates.

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