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How to Take Your First-Person Shooter Gaming Skills to the Next Level



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First-person shooters like Halo and Call of Duty have always been massive in the gaming community. With the number of businesses closed due to the ongoing pandemic, more people than ever are switching on their consoles or PCs, and trying their hand in combat. Some of you out there may be wanting to step up your fascination to a whole new level by swapping out the couch for some much-needed fresh air. Short of joining the army, this article will explore some ways in which you can take your love for first-person shooters to the great outdoors.


Airsoft, arguably the most realistic live-action simulation of a team deathmatch you can find, will let you and your buddies get off your sofas and launch plastic projectiles at each other from the barrel of a compressed air gun. The majority of beginners use AEG’s (airsoft electric guns) because the price is just right and they can pack a punch. However, you don’t have to buy your own and shoot up your mom’s basement – there are plenty of venues that will let you and your buddies vent their pent-up need to shoot things.

  • Pros – good fun all round and will feed your FPS need
  • Cons – You might get wet out there and you can’t take your couch with you


Some of you gamers out there might be familiar with paintballing, as there’s an all colorful first-person shooter game for you to sink your teeth into. You and your buddies will thoroughly enjoy loading your guns with simple, but painful, paintballs for you to paint your targets with. Paintballing events take a similar form to airsoft. You can either work as a team or split yourself up for some gnarly competitive human painting.

  • Pros – a colorful day out that lets you up your shooting game and let your inner artist out
  • Cons – may bruise, will get messy and you can’t take your headset with you


If you’re not quite ready to venture out into the wilderness and get your hands dirty, then Nerf might just be for you. Head down to your local supermarket or toy store and grab yourself a Nerf gun – it is recommended that you buy a hench Nerf gun so you don’t lose. The beauty of Nerf is that you actually can play it in your mom’s basement, or you could at least step outside into your garden. Your buddies will love coming over to create some pure Nerf carnage.

  • Pros – you can do this from the safety of your own home
  • Cons – you will find Nerf bullets for years and your dog might chew them

Although not an exhaustive list, you can now spread your first-person shooter wings and embrace the great outdoors and level up your abilities beyond any scoreboard’s capabilities. Whether you want a fully-fledged adventure or a basement shootout, there are plenty of choices out there.


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