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Ideazon Insights: How to Crowdfund Your Business In 2021?



The internet is more than an avenue to connect with friends and loved ones. Today, the internet has done more for startups than the inventors of the internet themselves could have imagined. From providing easy and less costly platforms for business promotion to raising funds for enterprises, the internet is indeed making our world a global village.

One of the many wonders of the internet is crowdfunding. Through social media and designated digital platforms, people can solicit monetary contributions of individuals to support a business idea.

That’s not all. Crowdfunding works perfectly for promoting goods and services while extending an entrepreneur’s customer base.

Crowdfunding is fast overtaking other lending options. With its offer of equity or rewards in return for startup funding, crowdfunding is a viable and reliable way to launch a startup.

Are you looking to initiate your profitable business idea in 2021? Ideazon presents trusted insights into successful crowdfunding in a post-pandemic year.

  • Determine what type of crowdfunding is conducive to your business idea

Crowdfunding doesn’t come free. You must be ready to offer a reward that resonates with your funding audience. If you’d be choosing a rewards-based crowdfunding method, be sure your rewards are of reasonable value.

On the other hand, equity-based crowdfunding may require long term commitments. So, make sure your business model is sustainable and viable for investors.

  • Make your business revolve around solving a problem

The interest of most investors lies in novel business ideas. Be ready to show that your business idea is solving a problem or filling an existing customer void.

The uniqueness of your product is one way to capture interest. Besides, consider building empathy in your business pitch. Create avenues where your audience’s personal stories can find relevance in your pitch.

  • Build a compelling pitch that can stimulate interest

Your business idea shouldn’t just be valuable. You must be able to make your prospective sponsors see the value. A compelling pitch is as important as drawing and executing your business plan. Be thoroughly convincing with both your business prospects and reward offer.

  • Leverage on your local network

Don’t undermine how much your family and friends can go in helping your crowdfunding activity. In the internet age, you need to leverage your connections and those of people close to you.

Engage your local network to promote your crowdfunding activity. With your loved ones amplifying your attempts, reaching your target fund comes more comfortable and faster.

  • Employ the services of crowdfunding agencies

The internet makes crowdfunding as easy as scrambled eggs. With a social media account, you may well be good to go.

However, nothing beats having a good understanding of your audience and the most appropriate methods to gain attention. This is where crowdfunding agencies come in. They bring in an enviable level of expertise to scale your fundraising efforts.

Ideazon is one of such leading crowdfunding agencies. With a proven commitment to helping startups, they boast of a world-class, expert team that can help you achieve your dreams through crowdfunding.


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