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In The Market For Upholstery Fabric? Here Are Some Factors To Consider First



It’s not easy to look for the best fabric for any upholstery project. With thousands of design variations available in the Gold Coast market, customers may have a hard time choosing the best one. Whatever the case may be, whether it’s for a new project or for repairing, finding the fabric for upholstery in Gold Coast can be made stress free by following these pointers listed below:

  1. Price: Prices of upholstery fabrics in Gold Coast are fairly distributed but are not something that should be ticked off either. Discounted fabrics are available for reasonable prices but quality ones will end up in a higher price range. The best thing to do is to not compromise price with quality and instead, seek out a middle ground to balance them both. Remember, just because it costs a bit high, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. However, there are plenty of areas on the Gold Coast like the village market where residents can shag good quality upholstery fabrics for great deals.
  2. Durability: There’s no point in buying a cheap fabric only for it to be worn off after a short period of use. The best way to determine the durability of the upholstery fabric is to check out its rub count and higher rub counts indicate better durability. On the other hand, if the upholstery fabric is to be used only for display every once in a while, then buying fabric with low rub counts won’t be an issue. Either way, make sure that the higher durability is on par with more usage.
  3. Purpose of Use: If it’s for reupholstering purposes, then good quality fabric for upholstery in Gold Coast works well. The same goes for upholstery fabrics used for daily furniture like chairs, sofas, tables and desks. The purpose of use will help narrow down the options when selecting the upholstery fabric.
  4. Getting The Design To Blend In: It’s best to choose the colour schemes that go well with the interior decor and the colour of the furniture. Colours that blend in are more visually appealing than solid colours that stand out. As for the design patterns, choose something that compliments the size of the room. Larger geometric designs work well for rooms with bigger spaces and smaller designs are great for smaller rooms. But don’t choose a style that is trending in the Gold Coast market and only choose something unique and classic. It gives a feeling of individuality when personal preferences are put first instead of the market hype. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match modern styles with classic furniture designs.
  5. Maintenance: Reupholstering services are easily available on the Gold Coast but then again, it’s not a bad idea to see how the maintenance will fare at the time of buying. Upholstery fabrics, even those of good quality, require regular maintenance if buyers want to keep them in pristine conditions for years to come. Depending on the place and climate, go for the fabric that doesn’t attract mildew or dust.

Comfortability is also a good factor to look into but most upholstery fabrics are made with that in mind. However, check the fabric and see whether it’s comfortable to sit on when used on a sofa or a bench. Check out the texture of the fabric and feel the material before buying. If the upholstery fabric is not comfortable enough, then there’s no point in buying one except for display purposes. Before fixing to buy one, take extra care if the house has kids and pets.

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