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Reasons for Entrusting a Significant Task to a Quiet Member of Your Team



When you assign tasks to your employees, you want the best ones to step up and take the lead. You don’t want the project to fail, and it pays to have the right person to do the job. However, there might also be some reasons for assigning the job to someone who doesn’t typically hold leadership roles. It includes the quietest members of your team.

You want to see their potentials

Even the quiet team members might have potentials. You don’t see them because these employees don’t accept leadership roles or volunteer to do one. If given a chance, they might step up and prove their worth. Let these quiet employees know that you trust them, and you want to give an opportunity to take leadership roles.

Some people run out of ideas

When you keep assigning the tasks to the same team member, that person will eventually run of ideas. It’s also exhausting to keep taking the lead, especially when there’s nothing in return. You don’t want to let one person do everything on behalf of the team. Try alternating responsibilities if possible.

You want to develop your employees

As a team leader, it’s also your responsibility to bring out the best in your employees. It won’t happen if you only favour a handful of people to do the job. Try to give a chance to those who are yet to take significant roles. Besides, whoever this person will be, doesn’t have to do the job alone. Everyone else will be there to provide support.

You might be surprised

You won’t see the full potentials of your team members unless you offer an opportunity. You might even feel surprised to see the results. The quietest employees might have the best and most novel ideas. Don’t waste the chance to bring out the best that they can offer.

Employees take responsibilities seriously

When given a chance to lead, these employees will show their capabilities. Some of them do it out of fear, while others want to prove themselves. Either way, you don’t have to worry about the results. You will still be there to offer help, and the project will eventually come to life.

It’s a test of your leadership

As a leader, you need to have different qualities. One of them is the ability to trust others. Some leaders tend to take all the responsibilities due to fears that employees won’t do well. If you’re a true leader, you won’t worry about your employees. You know that they will do whatever it takes to excel.

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