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Secret Hacks to Save Money on Craft Supplies



When shopping for craft supplies, check online prices for each item before you purchase. Make sure you check shipping costs, too. If possible, choose a store that allows you to pick up the items in person. You can also look for online coupon codes. Use a website to find coupons and apply them online. Other resources can give you a percentage of the purchase price as a rebate.

Hobby Lobby coupon is a great idea to purchase craft supplies and save money. The prices are usually good at Hobby Lobby, and you can save as much as 50% off your purchase. In addition, they run sales regularly. You must anticipate these sales to take advantage of these savings opportunities. If you’re looking for party supplies, the dollar store will be your best bet.

Amazon trade-in program

The Amazon trade-in program lets you exchange your old electronics for gift cards. To determine the value of your items, check out their trade-in page. If they accept your items, you can get instant credit or even a gift card. There are many ways to participate in this program, including selling your old e-reader or video game console for cash. Here’s how. Once you’ve checked out the value of your item, you can submit it to the trade-in program.

If you don’t want to sell your old electronics, you can also join the Amazon trade-in program. You can get free gift cards from your old electronics if they qualify. You can even get discounts on new items at Amazon. To join, you simply need to fill out a few questions and receive an email. Once you’ve received a confirmation, you’ll be sent an email to request shipping.

Organizing office supplies in a dish rack

Organizing your office supplies in a dish rack is a cheap and eco-friendly solution. You can even use plastic cups, muffin tins, and ice cube trays to store your art supplies. Plastic cups are cheap and easily available everywhere. In addition, the ice cube trays also come in handy when storing small items. They can be reused as a desk organizer.

To keep small office supplies organized, use a utensil organizer. These can be hung on the door or placed on top of a shelf. They also provide instant storage without taking up too much space, unlike a heavy desk or bookcase. Single pockets are great for storing items like scissors, tape, and ribbon. Empty tea tins can also be used to store office supplies. You can reuse these containers to store photos and junk drawer items. Square-shaped pencil cups are more secure and won’t tip over, unlike round ones.

Using plastic table covers

One great way to reduce your crafting supply budget is to use disposable tablecloths. These tablecloths are available in many different patterns and colors, making it easy to create the perfect setup for your next party. Plus, they are easy to wash and dry. You can also reuse them, if necessary. Unlike traditional tablecloths, which need to be re-sealed after every use, these table covers will last for years.

If you’re selling your products at a craft show, a good tablecloth is essential. However, using a dining room tablecloth will not do the trick. A craft show booth needs to look professional, so it’s important to invest in a table cover. While it might seem tempting to use a bedroom sheet, it can’t completely cover the table, so you may want to consider another option.

Buying in bulk

When it comes to buying craft supplies, buying in bulk will allow you to save even more money. This way, you will not only enjoy the lowest price available, but you will also enjoy faster shipping. You can also find bulk craft supplies at a variety of online retailers, including Amazon. Factory Direct Craft is one such online retailer. They carry wholesale ribbon, glitter, painting supplies, florals, jewels, and wood. They also offer supplies for dolls and fairy gardens.

Adding personal stamps to good-quality pencils and pens

Adding personal stamps to good-quality pens and pencils can be a cost-effective way to make your crafts more personalized without breaking the bank. You can use washi tape, paint, and tissue to decorate good-quality pencils or pens. You can also use decoupage glue or clear tape to decorate them further. Here are some tips for making good-quality pencils and pens look even better:

When using clear stamps, it’s best to use a throwaway scrap of paper as a test. Ink and paper can bleed, which can make positioning tricky. Use the ink pad in one hand and make quick, small strokes. If you’re using a larger stamp, use a small ink pad. If you’re using a clear stamp, try switching ink pads to get a gradient color effect.


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