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Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems to Choose from



You need to find the best heating and cooling solutions for your commercial establishment. Given the options available these days, it could be challenging. Before you finalise your choice, you need to understand the types of Sub Cool FM systems available. Understanding these options will make it easier to buy the right option and make the most of your money.

Single-split air conditioning systems

They’re perfect for small commercial spaces. If you’re running shops, small offices, cafes, and other small areas, this type of air conditioning system is good enough. It’s also relatively compact and efficient. If you have a larger area, you can have different small air conditioning units. When used together, they could work. The benefit of several single-unit systems is that if one of them fails, the others will still keep working.

Multi-split air conditioning systems

This system is somewhat similar to the single-split system. You only need one outdoor unit, and it connects to several indoor units. It allows the systems to cool down properties that are slightly larger than the average size. This system is also suitable for places without the capacity to handle several single-split systems. It requires more intricate work to install this system, and it could take a while before things get done. You have to finish the process before you decide to commence any commercial operation to avoid delays.

VRF systems

The VRF system or Variable Refrigerant Flow air conditioning system is perfect for heating or cooling larger properties. The good thing with this option is that it is capable of simultaneously heating one place, and cooling another. It doesn’t place strain on the system since it’s capable of doing the job. VRF systems will also last longer, with minimal repair issues. They might be more expensive, but they’re for bigger establishments. Hence, they will still be worth the price.

Choosing the best units

After understanding these choices, the next step is to determine the right brand. You have to select a quality brand to guarantee that it will last longer. You should also partner with a company that will install the system. If it offers a warranty, it’s even better. You can quickly ask for help when there are problems, without fears of paying a huge price.

When looking for the right choice, price is an important factor. However, you shouldn’t finalise your decision based on this aspect alone. It would help if you also looked at quality and reliability. Even if you purchased a cheap unit, you could still end up paying a lot later due to recurring repair issues. The worst part is if you can’t find the right replacement part. You have no choice but to purchase a replacement unit which would be even more expensive.

Take your time to look at the choices and ask for help from experts before you partner with any company. You also have to consider projections in regard to the company’s growth. If the business eventually grows in size, you might need a bigger commercial air conditioning unit.

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