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What is dental implant bone grafting and its benefits?



The implant and prosthesis on the implant replace the root and crown of the missing tooth. The dental implant resembles a pin or screw, however it is made of titanium and undergoes several technological processes that allow its placement in the bone region, below the gum, in a safe way. After surgery for implant placement, it is necessary to wait for the period of osseointegration to then perform the prosthesis on the implant.

Dental implant bone graft

After the loss of a tooth, it is natural for the body to begin a process of bone resorption in the region of the lost tooth. That is, when you lose a tooth you not only lose the tooth, but also the bone that supported that tooth. Associated with this, changes in the gingiva located in the region can also occur. Thus, when there is not enough structure to place the implant, it is necessary to graft one or more types of tissue in the region. The need or not to perform a graft can only be confirmed through a clinical examination and imaging tests, such as panoramic radiography and tomography. Also, you can prefer Dental Implants Leeds which helps keep you free of gum disease.

What are grafts?

If these conditions do not exist (sufficient and healthy bone) and whenever possible, we can place a bone graft so that the dental implants Sioux falls can have the necessary bone support for its fixation, function and durability. Fortunately, in most patients, there is enough and healthy bone that allows us to perform the implantation safely, with the need for bone grafting infrequent.

In some cases, bone substitutes are needed to compensate for bone defects or insufficiencies. In relation to these biomaterials, synthetic substitutes are usually used that will integrate with normal bone, to the detriment of excerpts with bone from another region of the patient, or from bovine lyophilized bone, which is currently in disuse but which some time ago was widely used.

Benefits of dental implants

When a patient chooses to place a dental implant, he invests in a new life. The procedure has benefited from the advancement of technology and promotes safe rehabilitation.

Quality of life

This is probably the main benefit that someone seeks when choosing a dental implant. Quality of life means feeling good about yourself, recovering your self-esteem. The fear of smiling attracts insecurity, and then motivates introversion. Great moments are shared with a beautiful smile and we cannot give that up.


Among the options offered by dentistry for replacement of teeth, the dental implant has a longer duration. Follow-up should always be done with a dental surgeon and care also influences the useful life of the procedure. Therefore, hygiene is totally linked to its durability.

Recover your smile and renew your desire to experience moments of happiness. Place a dental implant and guarantee aesthetic and functional functions, avoiding bone loss and the wrong bite.

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