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Wonder How Long Does Cool-Tone Treatment Last? This Would Help You!



Do you want to achieve a perfectly contoured body? Cooltone is a non-surgical treatment procedure that uses electromagnetic energy to penetrate your skin into targeted body muscles, usually the thighs, buttocks, arms, and abdomen, for a perfectly toned and sculpted physical appearance.

You probably have questions about how long a cooltone lasts, the number of sessions required, and how long it will take to see any results. Don’t worry- here are all the answers to these questions to help you understand the procedure better:

1)How Long It Lasts

An important question to ask yourself before undergoing any procedure is the length of time it will last. Cooltone from Sculpt Spa will help attain your body goals with well-defined muscle definitions and long-lasting results. If you want to achieve more results that will last indefinitely post the procedure, maintain an active lifestyle through regular physical exercises.

Cooltone, like all other muscle toning procedures, does not offer you 100% permanent results. As such, you will witness optimal results up to 6 months, but without any reinforcements such as undergoing regular cool-tone procedures and exercises, the results are likely further reduced. Have a look at these ways to keep for results for a bit longer:

Plenty of Toning Exercises

Targeted exercises ensure that muscles are well-toned and defined continually after a cooltone procedure. Consistent toning will save you the time and cost of another cooltone after the initial one. By adhering to your exercises, you may realize a reduction in follow-up procedures.

Practice Weight Management

Weight gain means more fat, which can be counterproductive in toning and firming your muscles. You want to keep your body weight in check if you want to notice desirable results from your cooltone procedure. You can practice weight checks by regularly exercising, eating a balanced diet, and taking lots of fluids.

2) Sessions Needed for The Effective Cool-Tone Procedure

There’s no uniform number of sessions for all areas of the body that require cooltone. Instead, each body part requires various sessions for best results. To tone and firm the abdomen and buttock muscles, an average of 4 thirty-minute sessions is ideal- this should be done at least two times in a week for 14 days. To preserve the achieved results, you will require at least one cooltone time treatment 3-6 months after the initial results are achieved.

3) How Long to See Results

So you’ve undergone a cooltone procedure, and you’ve yet to see the desired results? Generally, you should see changes in the size and definitions of muscles approximately 2 to 4 weeks after the procedure. You will continue to witness further Improvements for up to 6 months. If you want to have a clear cut picture of the results, take a picture before the procedure and compare it with

Try Cooltone Today!

Achieving the perfect body can sometimes be elusive with our busy schedules and limited times to exercise. Thankfully, cooltone is here to the rescue! In just 30 minutes lying down, you can achieve a toned physique, the equivalent of many hours of workouts!


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