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3 Tax Saving Tips for Business Owners and Startups



Startup businesses in the US are growing like crazy. Sometimes, a business owner can manage multiple startup businesses in various industries. With more and more businesses to manage, business owners also need to deal with more and more taxes to pay for their business. They need to keep in check about their responsibilities to the government and ensure that they are paying taxes according to the current taxation laws. They also need to ensure they have the correct sales tax filing each year.

Did you know that business owners and startups can save on their business taxes? Here are 3 tax saving tips for business owners and startups:

  • Hire Independent Contractors and Freelancers

It’s better for you to hire independent contractors and freelancers for your business if you’re just starting up. Hiring independent contractors and freelancers will save you on the employment taxes, which can be a burden for your new company. Hiring plenty of employees might help you run your business better, but you also need to pay a lot of taxes for their employment.

By hiring the independent contractors and freelancers, you are working with them as partners or separate entities. You don’t employ them, but you are using their services to help you run your business. You can save on the employment taxes this way.

  • Register an LLC for Your Business

You can run a startup business as a self-employed person, but you can also register an LLC for your business to get various benefits from the government. By registering for the LLC, you can get various advantages in terms of taxes and other benefits. You will have a business entity that can save you from paying the self-employment tax.

Having an LLC will also give your startup business an even better reputation in the market, as you can present your products and services as a registered company in the US. It can help boost the customer’s trust in your business.

  • Keep Your Receipts and Store Them in One Place

The receipts you get when you make purchases related to your business can also help you save on your business taxes. You can use these receipts as the proof to claim some deductions in your business taxes. So, you need to keep your receipts and store them in one place. When the tax filing time comes, you can gather the receipts and claim the deductions for various purchases you’ve made for your business.

It is also a good idea for you to gather the receipts in digital format, which will make it easier for you to save and archive them. You can take photos and digitize your receipts to make it easier for you to claim for tax deductions later.


There are still other methods you can follow to help save money on your business taxes. So, it’s better for you to strategize on how you can minimize your business tax payments later if you own a business or startup in the United States.

Remember, you can grow your startup business step by step. You don’t need to start big with your business unless you have big investors backing you up. With limited capital and limited budget, it’s best to save on taxes from the beginning, so that you can grow your business and keep its operations smooth in the coming years.

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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