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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Products for Better Sex



Having sex is a regular part of many people’s lives and is everywhere in our media and culture. Despite spending so much time thinking about sex, we tend to avoid talking about our sexual frustrations and struggles at all costs.

That’s damaging because sex is more than a fun time and a way to reinforce love connections. Your sex life impacts your mental health and self-esteem whether you know it or not. Sexual health is also tied to other areas of physical wellbeing.

Solving problems in your sex life is a must for long-term health. Products for better sex solve many complaints, but your chances of success with them are slim if you don’t know how to shop.

Keep these key factors in mind as you browse sexual wellness goods to limit wasted time and money.

1. Research Ingredients and Other Safety Information

Some manufacturers and retailers follow strict health and safety protocols, but they don’t have to. The FDA doesn’t regulate non-prescription sex supplements or most sexual wellness toys and devices. Folks who don’t know this when they start their search are vulnerable to lurking danger.

Because supplement-makers don’t have to be transparent about their products, many don’t offer the information. Some of them tell half-truths or outright lie about what their products contain. One recent, terrifying, and all too prevalent offense is companies rebranding prescription erectile dysfunction drugs.

Before this problem came to light, those looking to improve performance with sex supplements had no way of knowing. Taking those prescriptions at the wrong dosages or while using drugs that interact with them could cause serious harm. Some people opt for supplements because they can’t take prescription pills, making this scheme extra unfortunate for them.

Do lots of research on sex supplements and their ingredients, as well as on other consumable and topical products. Dig into the maker’s history and turn away at the first hint you can’t trust them. If you can’t find clear information on what’s in a product, stay away from it.

2. Don’t Fall Back on an All-in-One or Favorite Store

Walmart and big box stores might make getting groceries easier, but you can’t treat your sexual health the same way—less so if you’re hoping to improve your sex life. That is to say, if you’re reading this list, the chances that you’re going on a routine condom run are pretty low.

There’s nothing wrong with buying sex products from a retailer like that, sites like eBay and Amazon, or a bargain adult store. However, the convenience of shopping at one tends to make you ignore other options. When you’re hunting for a solution to a problem in the bedroom, you should evaluate and compare many products and sellers out there.

If you have a favorite adult store, don’t limit yourself to that go-to. Visiting multiple retailers is the only way to discover the full range of sex enhancement products made to address your concern.

3. Read Reviews if You Want True Products for Better Sex

If this is your first time researching and buying products for sexual health and pleasure, you’ll find no brand doesn’t say their products are sure to make your sex life better. All of them want your business and act like they have your best interests in mind, whether they do or not. It’s easy to forget that reality when these companies sell pleasure-enhancing goods.

Most people who buy sex products based on those claims have a lot of less-than-satisfactory experiences and waste a lot of money before finding something that does the trick.

The only way to find assured products for better sex is to read certified online customer reviews. If you can find videos or blogs reviewing the goods, even better. Get as many opinions as you can before putting a sex product into or onto your body.

4. Get Creative and Expand Your Toolbox

Hunting for male enhancement products and other products for sexual wellness is a sensitive process and can be intimidating.

You might be looking to solve a problem that you’re embarrassed about. Even if your self-confidence isn’t dinged, there’s still a lot of pressure involved in improving one of the most intimate parts of your life.

Or, setting the emotional part aside… Making sure you don’t irritate or damage your sensitive nether regions is a big enough challenge by itself!

While all of that might tempt you to stick with your comfort zone, remember why you’re shopping in the first place. What you’ve been doing and what you’ve been comfortable with hasn’t worked! Turning to your standby products isn’t the way to go about improving your sex life.

You might think you’ve tried everything, but you’ve never tried everything! There’s no shortage of tips and tricks out there, and there’s always another solution for whatever’s killing your vibe.

Say you’re having a little trouble lasting as long as you’d like to. If a cock ring isn’t your thing, benzocaine wipes for premature ejaculation could help. You could turn to your doctor for a prescription, buy books with helpful techniques, or try out any number of other tools and tricks.

That’s one example, but the range of products and tips is every bit as broad for all sexual struggles. No matter how obscure you may think your complaint is, a little time talking to a medical professional or shopping online is all you need to find a fix.

“Adulting” Made Easier With Handy Tips

Keeping these factors in mind while browsing products for better sex speeds up the process of improving your bedroom experience. After picking up these tips for a more enjoyable sex life, look around the site for more great knowledge.

We have all kinds of articles on entertainment, health, and home living to help you make the most of your adult life. Read another article for more information to perfect your “adulting” responsibilities and enjoy doing so.

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