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420 Gifts for the Stoner in Your Life




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Did you know the use of marijuana is becoming widely accepted throughout the country? Some are even speculating about the chance for federal legalization soon.

While some are just now getting on the bandwagon others have been smoking weed far before it was mainstream. Keep reading this gift guide to find some great 420 gifts for the sweet stoners in your life.

Bong Appetit

This cookbook, from the editors of munchies, is the perfect gift for anyone who has a dual love for weed and food. This book will help anyone master the art of cooking delicious edibles that will impress dinner guests.

You might be thinking of brownies, but this book has savory and sweet high-end recipes, with cocktail recipes to go along with them. It even has you covered with pairing suggestions, and strain and dosage information.

CBD Gummies

Everyone loves getting candy. When it comes to weed gifts there are tons of options available now.

Even if you live in a state where marijuana is not legal you can purchase hemp gummies, like the Your Teddy CBD gummies, and enjoy them without breaking the law.

They can help you relax and sleep. They are a great gift option for any busy, stressed adult.

Ducking High

This game will have everyone thinking outside of the box. Play after a friendly smoke session and then ponder some deep, mind-bending questions. Funny and over the top, your night will fly by while you are having some one-of-a-kind conversations.

This is one of the more unique cannabis gifts that will make for a memorable time.

Food Baskets and Gift Cards

If you haven’t noticed, many stoners also have an affinity for good food. One of the stoner gifts that will never grow old is the gift of munchies.

Food baskets with chips, cookies, and popcorn are always pleasing. But so are other types, like sausage and cheese baskets, breads, muffins, or any other bites to eat.

Another way to gift food is through gift cards. Throw in a gift card for a local restaurant or your friend’s favorite drive-through. They will definitely thank you.

Sensibox Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are exciting, especially because they are reassuring. And they are personalized for the likes of the person receiving them.

The Sensibox is filled with hand-curated weed accessories. Each box comes with up to 7 items.

This includes smoking essentials and a glass piece in every box. And there’s free shipping in the US.

Stash Jar

You can find a top-notch Stash Jar at These jars are far from your average weed container.

They feature magnifying glass lids, a 100% airtight seal, LED lights, and even child-resistant certified latches. They are showstoppers that dispensaries often use to display their best cannabis buds, but are perfect for home storage too.

They have 8 different jars to choose from, so you can choose the one you think best matches your stoner friend’s personality.

Get Your Friend the Perfect 420 Gifts

Now that you have considered these 420 gifts, it is time to make up your mind. Any of these gifts will make your friends feel high with love.

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