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5 Accessories to Invest In For Your Adult Tricycle



If you plan on using a tricycle for your delivery work or commute, it is worth investing a few additional accessories to make your ride as safe and enjoyable as possible. Commuting and delivery tricycles often undergo heavy use, so you should treat yours as you would any vehicle you depend on. Here are a few accessories to consider:


If you share the road with motorists, mirrors are an essential accessory for you. Mirrors can be mounted on your tricycle handle bars or on your helmet, and can give you better situational awareness when changing lanes and crossing intersections. Generally, helmet-mounted mirrors are popular with riders who require increased flexibility, while handlebar-mounted ones are better for riders who prefer to look behind them less frequently. Bike mirrors come in wide-angle or standard configurations, so you should decide whether a broader field of view or a more accurate picture of your surroundings is more valuable to you.


A tricycle for adults is more visible than a standard bicycle, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maximize your visibility when riding at night. Drivers often only become aware of bikers once their headlights have reached them. Sometimes, this is too late. Bright LED lights are highly visible to motorists, and many feature blinking or pulsing settings that make you even more noticeable on the road. Because LED lights are detectable over extremely long distances, drivers can identify a cyclist using LED lights well before they would otherwise be able to.


Radios have become a staple feature of automobiles everywhere, so why not enjoy the same luxury on your tricycle? Whether you are learning something new with your favorite podcast, or simply enjoying a suitable playlist, speakers can make a ride feel much more enjoyable. Speakers are safer than headphones or earbuds, since they do not require you to sacrifice your situational awareness. Handle bar mounted speakers are equipped with bluetooth detection, so you don’t need to fumble with wires or take out your phone while riding—just sit back and safely enjoy the music.


Riding during inclement weather can be frustrating when you depend on your tricycle for your livelihood. Both standard and electric tricycles for adults can hold fenders that keep rainwater from splashing you and your bags while riding. Fenders are standard on many tricycles, but factory versions can be swapped out or adjusted if necessary.

Panniers and Bags

Whether you deliver goods professionally or bring sensitive electronics to work every day, you should have a riding bag that is designed to protect your items. A number of affordable, waterproof panniers and bags are available that can help to ensure your possessions remain safe and dry while you focus on the road. Waterproof grocery bags are recommended for both grocery deliverers and riders who frequently shop in various weather conditions. Panniers are ideal for commuters, as they can easily be detached and carried to work.

Your adult tricycle is an essential tool for your livelihood. By investing in appropriate accessories, you can maximize your profit, enjoyment, and safety on the road.


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