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5 Balcony Designs We’re Currently Obsessed With



While a balcony may be the not-so-frequently used spot of the house, it makes a great space for a cup of coffee in the morning, reading your favorite book on a quiet Sunday afternoon, or simply enjoying nature. But what we don’t realize is that even balconies can be an extension of your personality and interests, and there is much more you can do than put out a couple of chairs. And we can assure you that the right design plan can completely transform the space, even if you have a small and compact balcony.

So, if you’re on the lookout for stand-out balcony designs and need some inspiration, you’re at the right place, as here are some balcony designs that we’re currently obsessed with:

  • Artificial Lawn with A Swing

If you like to enjoy some peace and quiet on the balcony, then this design option is worth considering. It comes with an artificial lawn and a portable swing of your choice, giving the balcony a comfy and cozy appeal. Even better, the artificial lawn requires little to no maintenance, so all you have to do is kick back and relax. What more? This balcony design is suitable even for smaller spaces!

  • A Sleek Pantry and Minimalistic Tones

This modern balcony design is ideal for those who love to host get-togethers and evening parties, as it includes a sleek pantry to store all the party essentials. While the color palette for this design option is minimalistic, you can go for a textured accent wall to liven up the space. Additionally, you can set up classic furniture pieces like high chairs/stools and wooden tables so your guests can relax while they grab a drink.

  • Earthy Furnishings and Fairy Lights

When it comes to front balcony designs, earthy furnishings are the go-to choice for many. If you also belong to this category, this balcony design with a wooden accent wall is worth checking out. Although plants are the highlight of this design, you can opt for an artificial lawn to make the area appear more spacious. And don’t forget to install fairy lights, as they bring out the earthy furnishings even more.

  • Patterned Flooring and Rafter Ceiling

If you’re looking for a balcony design that is uncommon but stands out, then look no further than this option. The patterned flooring adds just the right amount of color to the space, while the rafter ceiling adds to the aesthetic appeal. When it comes to seating, a wooden bench with a long coffee table is the ideal choice, and you can even install wall planters to beautify the balcony.

  • A Bohemian Theme

The best way to make your balcony a mini-vacation spot is to go for a Bohemian theme. This balcony design is all about wooden accents and furniture, and the color palette is mainly white. If your balcony is spacious, you can add a swing set, which is best paired with a wide rug and hanging ceiling lights. However, you can install a planter rack, wall décor items, and textured stools for seating if your balcony is small and compact.

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