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5 Businesses You Can Start from Your Garage



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Thousands of people launched their own businesses in 2020 and turned to the self-employed lifestyle. You can work on your side hustle while still paying the bills with your day job. Whether you want to earn extra cash or fulfil your passion, setting up a business is hard work. Make sure you have enough time to dedicate to the company and a product or service to sell.

Here are a few businesses you can set up from your garage or living room.

Laundry service

Most people hate laundry, and worse, ironing. Set up a laundry service for your local area so people with hectic careers and family commitments can drop off their laundry at your house. You can deliver it back to the freshly cleaned, ironed and ready to put away. You will need a few washing machines, an iron, a dryer and a good knowledge of laundry. Any mishaps with staining or shrinking could shut your business down for good.

Pet groomer

People need their dogs groomed. If you like spending time around animals, you could take a course in grooming and get some training. After a few good reviews, your clients will start rolling in, and business will be booming. Just make sure to clean out your garage and make it into a doggy beauty salon.

Yoga and fitness instructor

The health and fitness industry is rapidly growing. Everyone wants to feel energised and healthy, with minimal effort, of course. Set up an online account and become a fitness instructor. You can record fitness videos in your garage and share them with your followers online. Or, host in-person sessions and make your garage into a gym of sorts. You will need to get some equipment, such as gym flooring, weights, and specialist equipment and of course, you will also need to secure personal trainer certification. Once your business starts thriving, you could look into expanding and taking on more clients. Make the most out of the outdoors and take your clients on runs to squeeze in some extra cardio!


Set up a joinery business and become the local contact for work on staircases, windows, doors, furniture and more. You will need some training on how to install different structures and use the correct fittings. You will also need to invest in the initial equipment to get yourself started. A cordless circular saw is a brilliant investment for new joiners and can do a range of jobs.

Teach languages

Online tutoring is a fantastic business. You can use various host sites online to teach students across the country. If you’re particularly good at something, find a few students to teach and tutor throughout the academic year. It’s best to have a few qualifications, like an A-Level of degree in the subject. You don’t need any formal teacher training to tutor.

Set up your side hustle today, and make your professional life a little more exciting.


I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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