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Importance of Letters for Business Signs – Statistics, Facts, and Myths



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We all are well aware of the importance of business signs. They have the potential to boost up your entire marketing strategy. An attractive business sign can definitely take your business to newer heights. Having a good business sign is essential for locating and promoting your business. A sign with letters can attract your potential customers by leaving a long-lasting positive impression on your customers. The letters effectively showcase your brand or company name. A customized sign makes your business stand out from the rest. It is a primary link between you and your customers. A business sign serves as a cost-effective marketing and advertising technique but it is almost incomplete without letters. Alphabets and letters make it easier for the customers to connect with the real idea behind your business that images at times fail to deliver. These days, many companies are using plastic letters to enhance their business sign as they are more durable, prominent, and affordable.


Around 30% of the residents of the US look for business signs or logos before making any purchase. Almost 90% of the world’s population recognizes the logo of Coca-Cola.

Around 95% of the extremely successful brands use only one or two colors in their logos. There are only 9% of companies in the world that do not use letters in their logos.


Make sure you use contrasting colors when you are using letters in your business sign. The letters must be written with a color that contrasts with the background to enhance visibility. Avoid using fonts that are hard to understand. The fonts should rather be simple and readable. As the logos are usually small therefore make sure to keep the letters and design as simple as possible so that the audience could see them properly regardless of the size.

An impressive sign serves as a continuous advertisement. It provides continuous advertising 24/7; hence you need to be very careful and creative while designing the logo.


Myth 1:

Several people believe that the logo and letters must represent the company’s services, but that’s not necessary at all. A great example would be Nike. The letters are used just to represent the company’s name and the symbol has nothing to do with the product and services that the company provides.

Myth 2:

The second myth is that letters are not so important for business signs; therefore, we must not hire a designer for them. Well, we have already discussed the importance of logo designing above, so this myth also needs to be busted.

Myth 3:

The third myth is that a good logo design with letters can take your business to the next level immediately. Although a logo definitely works in taking your business to a new height but at the same time, it even requires a lot of hard work, honesty, and efficiency. All these factors are equally important for any business to be successful. Creating a perfect logo or business sign will not even help you out if you are not efficient enough and providing quality services or products.

A business sign is important for your business and the kind of signage you choose will depend on your budget and needs. Including letters in your business signs will add meaning to them.

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