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5 Things You Need To Know About Applicant Tracking Systems



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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software that helps in managing the recruitment process, thus easing the hiring process. It provides a centralized database for checking out various job applications and for screening through candidates as per the job description.

The company, whether it is the hiring company or the company looking for the candidate (s) itself will set the parameters so that the software can screen candidates and narrow down only those that match the criteria.

While we have summarized the main aspects of Applicant Tracking System in the above paragraphs, you can benefit from reading down their 5 main features listed down below too.

It is a Recruitment Software

We have already mentioned this point. Like all kinds of tasks are now performed through some kind of software, recruitment and hiring is now largely done via Applicant Tracking Systems too.

It Helps in Finding Better Candidates

Businesses can set down their parameters and criteria and the Applicant Tracking System will choose the closest matches from a huge pool of candidates accordingly.

It is Beneficial for Both Small and Large Businesses

Applicant Tracking Systems are not only used by large scale businesses but benefit small businesses too, since they save up on lots of screening time, hence saving up on money too. The world of today boasts of numerous candidates in every field and screening them is made easier with Applicant Tracking Systems.

It is Used by Most Companies Everywhere

As per recent research by Jobscan, around 98% of companies from the Fortune 500 list are using Applicant Tracking Systems for making their hiring processes much more better and efficient.

You will find dozens of such software in the current era, each featuring their own strengths and special characteristics. With their rising number, it is safe to say that Applicant Tracking Systems are here to stay.

It Follows Through a Few Unbeatable Processes

Applicant Tracking Systems have many algorithms and processes for narrowing down candidates. As such, potential candidates need to format their resumes to be able to make it up to the final list by adding the relevant keywords from their job description.

On the same note, potential candidates need not overstuff their resume with the required skills’ keywords and avoid using acronyms, unconventional fonts, tables, columns and headers/footers.

Do You Think You Need An Applicant Tracking System Too?

After going through the five points we had listed, you must have felt compelled to use an ATS for your company too. No matter if you own an empire or a small business, you can find many such software in affordable and free versions too.

You can check out the list of the best applicant tracking systems for small businesses and see if any of these fit your criteria. In any case, do remember that with a better pool of candidates in less time, you have a better chance of having better employees!



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