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5 Tips for Toning Your Glutes



If you have ever lost weight by changing your food intake alone, you know that weight loss doesn’t always translate to toned muscles and a shapely body. In fact, in many cases, some forms of exercise even leave you with a flat butt rather than a rounded, toned butt. Therefore, these are some of the best glute exercises for women that you may consider.

Mind-Muscle Connection

There is a definite connection between your mind and your body, and this connection can change based on your lifestyle and age. Your mind should acknowledge and identify everything that is happening in your body. This link also helps you focus and create more effective workouts because you can concentrate on the muscles you are working. Therefore, it takes effort to build this link.

First, you should eliminate distractions while you work out, and imagine the muscle you are working as it expands and contracts. Add verbal and visual cues during each exercise. Consider slowing your movements to engage your brain

Focus on Your Gluteal Muscles

Your technique will determine the muscles you work. Therefore, to focus your workout on your glutes, push from your heels and squeeze and push your hips forward. Even in everyday activities, such as walking, squeeze your butt, tilt your pelvis and push it forward to engage your glutes.

Complete Glute Exercises

You may initially start with exercises that focus on your glutes. For example, you may consider squats, lunges, step-ups and bent-leg kickbacks. You can add in two- or one-legged bridges, donkey kicks, and other exercises that focus on your butt. You can add exercise bands around your thighs to add resistance.

As your muscles get used to the exercises you are doing every day, every four to six weeks or so, you need to add weight, resistance or repetitions. This will keep your muscles working until they are exhausted, encouraging them to build additional lean muscle mass.

Implement Weights

You may be wondering how to get lean muscle female. Cardio workouts can help you drop weight and grow some lean muscle, but they don’t help you grow muscle that gives you great shape. Therefore, you need to add weights. However, you shouldn’t start with heavy weights at the beginning of your workout.

First, do long sets with light weights to warm up your muscles. This will prevent injury and engage your brain. Make sure you are getting the full workout with every movement and squeeze the weight as your muscles engage.

To add weight to your exercises, hold dumbbells by your side as you complete your glute exercises. You can also rest them on your pelvis when you complete bridge exercises. You may also consider leg weights. Increase the weight as your muscles get stronger.

Diversify Your Workouts

Your glutes are typically your laziest muscle because they are not used as much as other muscles. Therefore, avoid doing the same routine for weeks on end because your muscles will get used to the routine. Your best option is to do different exercises every day.

When your butt muscles are toned and strong, they help reduce your risk of back injuries. Therefore, check out established workout plans, such as the Brooke Burke workout.


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