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How To Stop a Bleeding Nose




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There are about 60,000 Americans who die from blood loss every year. With all that irregular bleeding, it is inevitable that, from time to time, you might end up with a bleeding nose.

A bleeding nose can be very unsettling, so we are here to tell you what to do when it happens. Keep reading to learn how to stop a bleeding nose.

Sit Up Straight

When experiencing a bleeding nose, sitting up straight is the best way to stop it. This helps to reduce the pressure of the blood that builds up in the sinuses, and it helps to reduce the amount of blood that flows out of the nose.

Tilt Your Head Forward

To begin, locate a tissue or a piece of clothing to contain the blood. To effectively tilt your head forward, bend your neck towards your chest and immediately rest it against your chest.

Maintaining this position creates pressure in the nostrils to reduce bleeding. It also prevents blood from dripping down your throat. You should stay in this position for 10 to 20 minutes or until the bleeding stops.

Once the bleeding has stopped, you can raise your head, but it is important to keep your head tilted upright, or else the blood may start flowing again.

Pinch Your Nose

Pinching the soft part of the nose gently is a common and effective way to stop a bleeding nose. To start, pinch the soft cartilage between your thumb and index finger. Pinch firmly but avoid squeezing too hard.

Apply continuous pressure to the nose for several minutes. This can take time as the blood vessels need time to constrict and the bleeding stops. If you feel lightheaded while applying pressure, release the pinch and take a few deep breaths to get some oxygen.

Once the bleeding has stopped, avoid blowing or touching your nose for a few hours.

Apply Cold Compress

To do so, use a clean, soft cloth (ideally a light color) and soak it in either cold water or ice cubes. Once the cloth is cold and damp, gently squeeze out any excess water, ensuring it is not dripping. Then, place the cold compress against the bridge of your nose for around 10 minutes to reduce the blood flow.

A cold compress is most effective when the cloth is kept at a constant temperature for 10 minutes, so it is best to wrap some ice cubes in a plastic bag before applying the cloth to your nose. Repeat if necessary until the bleeding stops. To alleviate discomfort, you can also take some painkillers or inhale steam or cold air during or after the cold compress.

Seek Medical Help

If the bleeding is severe and does not stop after 10 minutes despite the intervention, medical help should be sought urgently. In addition, seek medical help if you have an actively bleeding nose. Call your doctor or a medical helpline for advice.

In these cases, first aid certification from is beneficial.

Learn How To Stop A Bleeding Nose

To prevent further complications, it is important to learn how to stop a bleeding nose as soon as possible.

Taking the appropriate steps, such as doing the pinch technique, using a damp cloth, and, if still bleeding, seeking medical assistance can stop a bleeding nose quickly and effectively. Don’t let a bleeding nose hold you back – get it taken care of now!

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