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5 Unique Engagement Ring Options for Her



Finding the person you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with is both satisfying, thrilling and in some cases terrifying – in the best way. Asking someone to spend forever with you can send nervous feelings up the spine of anyone, no matter how commitment-oriented they are. You may already have your perfect proposal planned out in your mind, but you’re still struggling to find the ring that you know your partner will adore. If you know that they’re not one to lean towards the traditional diamond ring, they are sure to love plenty of unique options. Let’s take a look at some unique engagement ring options for her.

Pearl Rings

Pearl engagement rings were in high fashion in the early twentieth century, and for a good reason. If you’re shopping for a girl whose tastes are daintier or more minimalist, a pearl ring could be just the ticket. Pearls are a symbol of wisdom gained through experience. If you and your partner have been through a lot, this is a beautiful gesture to your commitment to growing as a couple for the rest of your lives.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Maybe your partner has an issue with the diamond conflict – this is a common sentiment among educated consumers. Still, it can leave you in between a rock and a hard place if you want the look of diamonds but without the moral cost. Thankfully there are plenty of ethical fine jewelry options available to shop. Lab-grown diamonds are chemically identical to their Earth-mined counterparts and indistinguishable to a jeweler’s eye, making them hardly a compromise. They are generally cheaper than Earth-mined diamonds, but you don’t compromise in beauty. So if diamonds were on your radar but not within your budget, this is a great option.

Her Birthstone

Going with your partner’s birthstone is a unique way of celebrating her and adding a pop of color to her ring finger. If her birthday is in April, you’ll be buying a diamond anyway – but sapphires, emeralds, and even opal all make gorgeous engagement rings. When it comes to more semi-precious stones like amethyst, you will have to be aware that they aren’t as hard as a diamond or an emerald, so if your bride-to-be is a little rough with her hands, you may want to choose a more substantial stone. Birthstones hold a lot of meaning to some people, and they resonate with the meanings behind the stones that represent the month they were born. If that sounds like your potential fiance, these are a non-traditional ring option she’ll love.

Moissanite & Morganite

There are two trendy non-diamond options for your fiance’s engagement ring that have been gaining a ton of popularity over the last decade – they are moissanite and morganite. While moissanite is a naturally occurring stone, it is pretty rare, so most moissanite on the market is simulated if it gives the look of a traditional diamond at a significant fraction of the price point.

Morganite is equally as popular as moissanite and typically is more peachy or pink hue. If you are looking to propose to a “girly” girl, morganite is an excellent option to explore – it looks particularly beautiful set in a rose gold setting. While both of these options are incredibly affordable, they are just as eye-catching as a traditional diamond, if not more. It’s worth visiting a jeweler to check out these stones and see if you can save some of your hard-earned money for a more extended honeymoon.

Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Suppose you and your significant other are non-traditional and want a ring that shows that to the rest of the world, consider a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring. These diamonds are a beautiful gray color with flecks of black streaking throughout the stone. They look gorgeous in a white or yellow gold setting and are often flanked with small traditional diamonds. They are newer on the bridal scene, but you should plan to see them spike in popularity over the next couple of years. Be a trendsetter and take a peek at these to see if you think your girl would enjoy one.

An engagement ring will be worn almost every day for the rest of your fiance’s life, so you want to make sure you pick out the perfect stone. Please don’t limit yourself to diamonds when shopping around, and let this list be your starting point for finding the ring of her dreams!


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