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6 Easy Vaping Tips for Newbies and Beginners



Smoking tobacco is a habit that can be quite addictive, which may come with long-term consequences. Should you want a safer and healthier alternative to smoking, you may be interested in vaping instead. Many individuals enjoy vaping not only due to the health benefits, but also because there’s a large diversity of products available.

However, the many options for vaping may seem overwhelming if you are a newbie or a beginner. That is why, for all intents and purposes, you should take things slow. If possible, visit a vape shop and speak to an experienced representative, who can introduce you to the world of vaping world products. You want to make sure your first time at vaping is done as safely and smartly as possible.

Vaping is an easy activity to enjoy once you are acquainted with how it works. Here are six vaping tips to help get you on the right track.

1. Starter Kit

As the name implies, moving ahead with a vaping starter kit can put you on the right path ahead. For absolute beginners, it is important to get familiar with the aspects of vaping, along with the device’s features. A good sales representative at your local shop should help to get you started.

Starter kits generally include simple devices, and don’t take too much expertise to use. There are many other components that are reserved for veterans, so starter kits are recommended. From the e-liquid strength to the functionality of the device, a simple vaping instrument will get you started. Baby steps are the most important train of thought to have here!

A simple THC vape pen is often enough to get you started. It is cheap and easy to use no matter where you go. Simply take it out of your pocket and puff away without worry of any bad smells. What more can you want?

2. The Device

For those who want to level up their vaping experience, you’ll first have to get familiar with its usage. E-liquid, for example, will be crucial to your overall experience; refilling will be necessary at some point. Depending on the instrument you use, the vaping device will have to be refilled every so often.

Moreover, the coils are another component of the vaping device that you should get acquainted with. The more you use your vaping device, the more vulnerable the coils become. Sooner or later, the coils will wear down to the point of no return. It is in your best interest to ask for guidance, just to cover your bases. If you are looking for best vaping equipment or kit contact Cloudstix for best vaping products.

3. Flavours

One of the best aspects of vaping, in comparison to its cigarette counterpart, is the option of flavours. If your palette enjoys varying tastes and aromas, you will be introduced to a world of experiences. Many beginners often go with a mint-flavoured e-liquid, in order to prime their taste buds.

After you become acquainted with your first flavour, don’t be afraid to experiment with different ones! From blueberry, to strawberry, to even flavours like green apple, vaping provides you with a plethora of choices. Just don’t forget to check the e-liquid’s strength level. Use one that you are comfortable with, especially when just starting out!

4. Vaping Motion

If you are not given instruction on how to do it, you’ll be wondering how to actually conduct the motion. Place the tip of the device in your mouth, and slowly inhale. Then, hold the vape in your mouth for a few seconds, before exhaling accordingly. It may take some time to get used to at the beginning.

As the old adage goes, practice inevitably makes perfect! The trick here is to not over inhale, or inhale too lightly. Try to get a good amount of vapour inside of your mouth, in order to successfully exhale. Keep experimenting with what works for you, and it’ll end up working out.

5. Battery Condition

Since your device is considered to be an electronic appliance, a battery will be an important component to consider. Just like any smartphone, the battery will run as intended in the beginning. After habitual use, however, the battery will eventually wear down in strength. Keep this in mind, when looking for a starter’s device.

If you need to manually inspect its condition, unscrew the battery and look for any noticeable buildup. Wipe off any grime you see and continue using the device as required. By doing this, your vaping experience will be seamless in the weeks and months to come!

6. Experiment

One of the best ways to enjoy your vaping experience is to simply have fun. Be smart about how you are using the device, in addition to which flavours you choose. The more familiar you become with it, the more you can enjoy stronger features of the vaping experience. Or you may even use this as your chance to curb or quit smoking overall!


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