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6 Great Styling Tips For Changing Up Your Shelves



Shelves don’t just serve a practical purpose in storing your items; they also provide a beautiful element to any space that requires attention! Whether you have a cluttered or an empty shelving unit, knowing how to organise your shelves can make all the difference. Upbeat Geek has some great advice on how to make your shelves more appealing in this post.

1. Decorate With Artwork

Artwork makes a fantastic focal point for any shelf. Framing them and displaying them on your shelves will always seem elegant, whether it’s family photographs or posters in frames. You may also change the artwork with the seasons to create a distinct mood in the space depending on the weather.

Place your artwork in the back of the bookend to prevent it from overcrowding the shelves. This leaves space at the front for other ideas discussed in this article, lowering the risk of being a eyesore.

2. Add Bookshelf Speakers

If you want your shelves to be useful, we strongly advise purchasing bookshelf speakers. Bookshelf speakers are a type of speaker that are built to sit on bookshelves and blend in easily without creating any strange bumps or scratches. Not only that, but bookshelf speakers will give your shelves a contemporary edge. This will make them appear to be cooler than ever before!

3. Don’t Overload With Books

Shelves were originally thought of as nothing more than bookholders. After all, that’s where the word “bookshelf” originated!

Bookshelves with a few hardbacks on appear fantastic, but having too many paperbacks isn’t always ideal. Unless you’re setting up a library room, less is frequently more when it comes to books.

The easiest way to avoid becoming overwhelmed by books is to rearrange their locations. Instead of arranging them next to each other, play with stacking them up. Make the more attractive looking volumes stand out by putting them in smaller stacks, allowing visitors to see them. You may stack your books in groups of colour if you’re serious about it.

4. Experiment With Subtle Objects

Larger items should be placed at the back of your bookcases, as previously said. You may open up space in the front for smaller, more subtle things by doing so.

Putting tiny items on your bookshelves, from family heirlooms to remnants acquired from prior occasions, will serve as a wonderful memento. If the theme of your room is unique, you may incorporate these little things into it. This allows you to combine various textures and colors according to your own style. Don’t be scared to experiment; you could be pleasantly surprised by the end result!

5. Grow Your Own Plants

Indoor plants are both fun and an extremely gratifying pastime. You guessed it, plants look great on shelves!

Whether you want to create an entire indoor jungle or just dot the occasional plants on your shelves, we can promise that they will completely transform your space. They’ve also been found to boost air quality, adding to a long list of advantages.

6. Stack, Stack, Stack!

We’ve mentioned the power of stacking books, but it may be applied to a variety of other objects as well. In fact, you may construct the ideal stack by combining the two.

Consider adding a small ornamental accent to the top of your stack of books if it appears to be lacking something. This advice doesn’t have to be limited to bookcases; give it a try in other rooms in your house and see what you can accomplish.


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