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How Long Is A Longboard Skateboard



In this week’s post we want to look at the differences between three specific sports disciplines, such as skateboarding, cruiser and longboard. They all revolve around a table but each one has its own specifications and it is necessary to clarify what each of them is. Below we review the main characteristics of the electric longboard skateboard.


The skateboard is about 83 centimeters long by 20 wide and whose concave shape, with the nose (nose) and tail (tail) raised. The axles and wheels of the table are hard and small, with a size of 12 centimeters for the first ones and a diameter that ranges from 48 to 54 millimeters in the case of the wheels, and thanks to these measures the tricks are easier to carry out. It is only practiced on hard and smooth ground, usually in skate parks.


The normal thing is that it has a tail to speed up movements and certain tricks, inspired by the models of the 70s, but they also exist with nose and concaves to facilitate tricks. It can also be made of plastic and flat, which are used to move around. The axles have a small size but the wheels are soft and a little bigger than those of the skateboard (from 55 to 65 mm in diameter). It is used on flat terrain or hills and slopes with little unevenness, being a bit more off-road than skateboarding.


The longboard or long board has a dimension greater than the previous two (more than 91 centimeters long). Regarding the shapes, they can have different concavities, with raised nose and tail to facilitate freestyle practice, with more lateral concavity for free ride or with flex so that the board gives way when rising and dancing.

As in the cruiser, the wheels are soft although their size is larger (60-90 mm in diameter). As for the shafts, they are normally bigger and taller.

How Are The Three Disciplines Different?

As a summary we can indicate that the skateboard and the cruiser share similar dimensions, the longboard being longer and wider. Do not forget that the wider we will have more stability. The longer it is, the greater stability and inertia, with the turns being more open. And the shorter the turns will be characterized by their greater speed and the easier it will be to wander around.

In terms of shape, a skateboard deck is concave with the nose and tail slightly raised the more concave the more aggressive the movements can be. On longboards, the shapes can be very different: pintails, flat nose, drop through or drop deck, among others. For example, the pintails are shaped like a beak and allow the use of larger wheels and wider axles, which allow a handling similar to that of surfing.

If we refer to wheels, skateboard wheels are the hardest and smallest. On the contrary, in the cruiser and longboard they have them bigger and softer to obtain better grip and to be more off-road, although with the difficulty of ironing tricks. The sizes of the longboard wheels are much larger (60-90 mm or more) and those of a skateboard measure between 56 and 60 mm, although there are even smaller ones.


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