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6 Things to Consider while Choosing Janitorial Cleaning Services



Tips to Choose Janitorial Cleaning Services

No matter if you are running a business or a household, once in a while, you will require the help of janitorial cleaning services. These services are extensive and can manage all the cleaning departments, whether it is cleaning your carpets or the curtains. However, there are a few things that you should consider before you hire a janitorial cleaning service.

Things to Consider

  • Background Check

It is imperative that you get information about the company. The people from the company will be entering your home or office, so they should be trusted people and not just anyone. When it comes to office spaces, there are a lot of confidential things, and the service staff should be careful not to pass on any information.

  • Past Experiences

The past experience of people with the company should also be considered. Since everything is available on the internet, you can easily go through online reviews to see their ratings. People are very elaborate with their web reviews; make sure you always read a few reviews before you decide to hire a service.

  • The Price Packages

The pricing packages are deal makers or breakers. If you hire a janitorial cleaning service, hiring them monthly rather than paying per visit is the best option. This will make it more economical. Many services also offer different packages according to the services that each package offers. You can also get your package customized according to the needs of your space.

  • Liability Insurance

Always ask your cleaning company for proof of their insurance and whether they are licensed. You should also consider whether the employees they hire are regular employees or cash workers. When a company hires cash workers, they are usually not insured. This means if any accident occurs, the janitorial cleaning service or their insurance company will not take responsibility for the accident or pay for the damage. Business licenses are also critical.

  • Do they Use Eco-friendly Products?

If you are someone who is concerned about the environment and pay attention to it, then consider what products are being used by the company. Prior to hiring them, ask them to provide a list of the products they use for the cleaning process. This will give you a very clear idea of whether the practices and chemicals are eco-friendly or not.

  • Compliance with COVID SOPs

Since we are living through a pandemic, it is essential that the company is compliant with the COVID-19 SOPs. The workers should be wearing masks, PPE kits, and any other requirement as instructed by the authorities. It is best that the workers do not come in contact with the people in the building, residential or commercial.

Cleaning services never go out of business. No matter how technology changes or shapes our lives, cleaning services will always be required. Considering the stated aspects is crucial to get the most out of cleaning services. With COVID-19 being part of this world, the need for clean spaces is more critical than ever before.























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