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7 Awesome and Effective Ways to Consume Marijuana



Marijuana is a substance with growing worldwide popularity. It has a long history, beginning with its medicinal use in Central Asia thousands of years ago before making its way worldwide to other continents, finally landing in the Americas.

While marijuana is not legal everywhere, in recent years its legal status is changing as more people use this substance. However, the ways in which people use marijuana are vast and different.

If you’re a new marijuana user, and you’re not sure in what way you should use it, don’t worry. Here are some common and great ways to consume marijuana.

1. Smoke Marijuana in a Pipe

You can use a standard bowl-shaped pipe, a tiny one-hitter, or even a water pipe to smoke marijuana. Smoking from a pipe is a guaranteed easy and good high.

If you’re using a bowl, make sure you hit that carb. The carb is a small hole on the side of the pipe that usually holds a lot more marijuana inside it. You can share this one easily with friends.

For glass one-hitters, or “chillums” as they are sometimes called, you can fit a tiny bit of marijuana in it and light it like you would a cigarette. These are convenient and portable.

A water pipe or a “bong” can be pretty intense. You light the bowl and suck in enough to make the water bubble in the pipe as the smoke climbs up the tube into your mouth. Take care with this one, though, and start with smaller hits first.

2. Melt the Wax

Another popular way to use marijuana is to smoke it in its wax form. The wax form often contains more THC than its leaf counterpart.

You can consume wax on a dab rig, in a vaping pen, or even on the edge of a knife. You’ll get really high when smoking wax, so this one is probably best saved for when you are at a more comfortable stage of using marijuana.

3. Puff, Puff, Pass the Joint

Smoking from a joint is one of the easiest and most common ways to consume marijuana. It works similar to a tobacco cigarette would, where you light the end of it and inhale. These are perfect for sharing with a group of people, but you can also smoke a joint to yourself if you’re feeling ambitious.

Like a bong, joints can get you feeling a high level of intoxication. Take small hits first to help build your tolerance.

4. Get Blazed with a Blunt

Blunts, like bongs and joints, offer an intense but pleasant way to use marijuana. It’s like a much larger and sturdier joint, more similar to a cigar. They can really pack a punch, so (as usual) small hits are better at first!

Find out the major differences between blunts and joints before deciding which one would be best for you to try.

5. Tobacco + Marijuana = Spliff

Are you a tobacco smoker as well? Then you’ll love combining tobacco and marijuana into a spliff.

Spliffs are nice because you can portion out your marijuana or tobacco to whatever amount you’d like. Simply roll it all together after that, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate crossover: joint meets cigarette.

Don’t feel too split (or spliff?) over it, though: you’ll still get plenty buzzed smoking one of these. Learn more here about if you can smoke CBD hemp flower too.

6. Baking into Food (Brownies!)

Cue the image of teenagers making some dope weed brownies. Whether you like brownies or not, baking marijuana into food is a delicious way to go about using marijuana.

Homemade edibles are a great way to put your purchased marijuana leaves to good use. You can decide how much marijuana you want to put in your baked products. You also get to practice your baking skills while you’re at it!

It takes your body longer to process marijuana edibles than it does when you smoke it, so you might not feel high for a while after making your delicious treats. Don’t panic, and don’t eat more: wait for the high to come on before you decide if you need to ingest more edibles to get higher.

7. Other Commercial Marijuana Edibles

Now that marijuana is gaining legality in different places, the variety of weed products you can purchase is increasing. Since using marijuana isn’t illegal anymore in these places, there’s more creativity put into what sort of edible products can be developed and sold.

For example, commercial marijuana edibles have included anything from cola drinks to factory-made edibles like baklava and the ever-popular gummies. With so many different flavors and products to choose from, you can play to your taste buds’ preferences. If you prefer the stereotyped brownies to get high, you can even purchase those factory-made too!

Make sure to check how much THC is in the product and what the recommended serving is before eating the edibles you’ve bought.

Our fellow Canadians will have more choices to marijuana edibles. In fact, they can pretty much buy any edibles Canada products without question. This is because the laws in the country make it easy for residents there to use edibles or any kind of marijuana within reason.

So Many Ways to Consume Marijuana

While the different ways to consume marijuana vary, they all lead to the same result: a high you! It’s intimidating to figure out which way you prefer to use marijuana at first, but with practice, you’ll discover which methods you prefer over others.

You can start easy with pipes and edibles before working your way up to bongs, blunts, and wax. Whatever way you choose, make sure you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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