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7 Essential Fishing Gear Items to Bring On Your Next Trip



Did you know that, in the United States, around 50 million people go fishing at least once every year? If you’re getting ready to plan a big fishing trip soon yourself, you need to have a list of essential fishing gear items beforehand.

The good news? We’ve got that list for you right here!

Below we’ve curated a list of everything that someone needs to have an enjoyable day fishing on or near the water. We’ve also broken down what you need to have inside of a tackle box, so you can make sure you don’t forget anything important.

So, keep on reading if you want to know all about what fishing tools to pack for a fishing trip today!

1. Fishing Pole

It goes without saying, but you can’t spend your entire day fishing without a quality fishing pole in your hands. And depending on what kind of fishing you plan on doing, some rods will work better than others, which is worth noting.

Our advice? Pick up a basic fishing rod that will work for most fishing trips. When you need something more niche-specific for a fishing trip, like a special rod for deep-sea fishing, try to borrow or rent one to save some extra cash.

2. Tackle Box

Once you’ve got your fishing rod, your next must-have item is a tackle box. Inside of that tackle box is going to be tons of little items that you can use to make fishing a bit easier for yourself and everyone in your party.

Below we’ve included that you can use to make sure that your tackle box is loaded up with everything that you need to have for a fishing trip.

  • Bobbers
  • First-aid kit
  • Fishing line
  • Flashlight
  • Hooks
  • Leaders
  • Lures or flies
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Sinkers
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Swivels

So, be sure to double-check with this list to confirm you have the best tackle box prepared before you walk out the door.

3. Drinks and Snacks

We’ll be honest. While catching fish is an exciting activity, it’s spending the entire day relaxing on or near the water that makes fishing so much fun. But to get the most out of that experience, you need to make sure that you have plenty of drinks and snacks with you before you get there.

A cooler loaded up with drinks (and snacks) is always a good idea. Make sure you have plenty of water inside that cooler, too, as staying hydrated in the spring or summer heat is a must.

4. Sunscreen

Got a cooler loaded up with beverages and snacks? Have plenty of bottled water in that cooler so you can be sure to stay hydrated? If so, your next must-have tool of the trade is a simple bottle of sunscreen.

Not too many things can ruin a fishing trip faster than a sunburn. And because you’ll be dealing with the pain from that sunburn for the next few days, it can make you never want to go fishing again, which isn’t a good thing.

Of course, you need to actually use that sunscreen that you’ve packed to avoid an unwanted sunburn. Reapply it as the directions suggest, too, so you can keep yourself healthy and avoid any long-term skin damage.

5. Bug Spray

Depending on where you’re fishing, and what time of year it is, bugs can be another hassle that you have to deal with during your fishing trip. To combat this issue, you need to bring with you a can of bug spray that you can use from time to time to protect yourself and the rest of the members of your party.

Again, be sure to use that bug spray, too, before it’s too late. You don’t want to apply it after you’ve already been bit by some mosquitos, as it’ll make the rest of your day quite uncomfortable.

6. Bluetooth Speaker

Fishing with friends and family is supposed to be a very relaxing activity filled with good vibes and even better conversation. But if you’re going fishing by yourself, you can stay entertained by bringing a Bluetooth speaker with you so can listen to a podcast or some tunes.

A pro tip? If you bring a speaker with you, be sure to keep the volume on it low so you don’t both other fishermen nearby. You want to make sure you practice good fisherman etiquette, especially if you’re new to the area and plan on coming back soon.

7. Portable Charger

For safety purposes, keeping your phone charged while you fish is always a good idea, especially if you’re using a boat to get to fishing spots. But if you’re playing audio from your phone, your phone’s battery is going to drain fast, which is why we recommend you bring a portable charger with you.

Portable chargers are super affordable and work well. They also can give you a few chargers before they die, meaning you can charge both your phone and a speaker while you’re out fishing.

Looking for More Essential Fishing Gear Items to Purchase?

If you’re going fishing for the first time, be sure to keep this list of essential fishing gear nearby when you start to pack for your trip. That way you can make sure that you have everything with you that you need to have the best time possible on a fishing trip of any kind.

Looking for more tips and tricks that you can use to make your fishing trip that much more fun? Check back with our blog often!

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