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8 Crazy Things People Try to Claim on Insurance



Car insurance claims happen all the time. People usually call their car insurance provider as the result of a car accident or a fender bender, or potentially damage done to your vehicle by weather or vandalism. Sometimes, insurance companies receive claims that can make you simply shake your head, laugh over the ridiculousness of it, or even reconsider your own car insurance NSW to see if such a bizarre insurance claim can be covered.

1. Hitting An Animal—After Repairs For Hitting An Animal


Imagine having paid down your deductible following collision with a deer, getting your car completely repaired with a new hood and bumper, only to smash into another deer. Bambi clearly has a vendetta against this driver. Insurance providers may have you come up with the money for another deductible, plus you’re without a car once again unless you can get a car hire.

2. Car Surfing


Teenage hormones can sometimes lead to some very stupid decisions. A student partying with some friends decided to give car surfing a try, where someone takes into a surfer pose on top of a moving vehicle. This decision ended up in a litany of injuries, impacting the student’s overall health for the foreseeable future, and giving him a lesson in the power and side effects of gravity.

3. Wasp Attack!

Fender benders happen all the time, but it’s a rare case for an insect to be an insurance company’s worst nightmare. A wasp found its way into a car and up a driver’s pants leg, sending him into a frenzy that caused him to hit the gas. He was stopped at a traffic light, sending him plowing into the vehicles in front of him. It’s not clear if any animals were harmed in the submission of the claim.

4. Clean Up In Aisle Five


A driver filed a claim with their auto insurance company after a potato from their groceries rolled under his brake pedal, preventing him from being able to stop before colliding with another vehicle. Clearly, that driver was better off taking genf20 plus to get the nutrients their body needs. It also would’ve kept their blood pressure down after that accident occurred.

5. Liable In All Directions

Talk about a significant increase in your premiums coming your way. A driver rear-ended the vehicle in front of him, damaging their taillight. To assess the damage, he backed up right into another car behind him. Just when you think the human body can only take so much, upon opening his door to check everything out, he knocked down an oncoming cyclist. Collision coverage can only take so many hits.

6. Cop To It


During a drive, police turned on their sirens and attempted to pull someone over on to the shoulder of the road. That driver was in the middle lane, and on their way to the side of the road, took another car with them. That can guarantee you a claim under your comprehensive coverage, but it is the best way to create a shared experience.

7. Explosive Claims

Smoking definitely has negative effects on your quality of life. It has even more unpleasant side effects if you light up while driving, then toss the cigarette out of the window, only for it to hit the trunk of your vehicle that is loaded up with fireworks. While an insurance provider will certainly have plenty of questions for this claimant, that driver at least provided a fireworks spectacular like no other.

8. The Gas Tank’s Hissing

The owner of a 1971 Jaguar E-Type was thrown off when his car was not operating up to snuff. During a drive, the engine began to overheat and the car stalled out. After getting his vehicle towed to a service station, a mechanic found that a snake had snuck its way into the gas tank, wrapping around the drive-belt pulleys, causing the belt to slip off and the car to become overheated. If there wasn’t reason to fear snakes, now they’re coming for your classic cars.

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