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A Close Look at the Most Common Reasons for Accidents and Injuries in UK Workplaces




We all work different jobs, but some of us are at more risk in our workplaces than others. If you are just in an office, then you have less risk than someone who works in the kitchen or a laboratory. But did you know that some accidents and injuries are more common than most, regardless of the workplace? For instance, in all workplaces, slips and trips are fairly common. In fact, slips and trips in the workplace accounted for about ¼ of injuries in UK workplaces in 2008. Another common hazard in the workplace is the handling of substances that are harmful. But what else should you know about the most common reasons for accidents and injuries in the UK workplace? Here’s an in-depth look.

The three most common kinds of accidents

The top three most common kinds of accidents in any workplace are as follows: trips, falls, or slips; electrical injuries; and accidents due to manual lifting or handling. Some of the most common kinds of injuries related to these accidents include strains and sprains; back injuries, head injuries; injuries to the neck, and injuries due to repetitive strain.

There are some injuries that are less common than the ones mentioned above, but they can be equally distressful and difficult. This includes asthma brought on by a person’s occupation, and it also includes deafness as well as dermatitis and vibration white finger. Vibration white finger may cause an individual’s fingers to become numb, tingle, or make it hard to grip objects. The damage caused by such a condition is irreversible, and it is usually due to excessive arm or hand vibration. It’s an injury common to those who operate different types of vibrating machinery.


The top sectors with the most injuries

Some sectors have more injuries than most or have more risks than most. The number one sector with the most number of accidents is the agriculture sector, and this is followed by the construction sector and the transport sector, which takes the third spot in the sectors with the most injuries. On the spectrum’s other end, however, are the sectors with the least number of injuries including the finance sector and the education sector.

The risks in the workplace

All in all, the most common culprits for accidents in the UK workplace are slips, falls, and trips, and this is followed by the manual lifting or handling of objects. Fortunately, the government has already taken big steps to reduce risks in the workplace, and employers have to follow various health and safety regulations and initiatives. Because of this, the rate of accidents (both fatal and non-fatal) in the UK has become lower than in other countries in the EU, apart from Ireland and Sweden.

Your workplace should be quite safe, but if you still suffer an injury due to reasons that are not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. There are many personal injury specialists and law firms, such as a solicitor in Gloucester from Shires Law, who can help you file your claim.

If you have suffered an injury in your workplace, it’s essential to take the necessary steps. You have the right, after all, and those to blame should be held accountable.


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