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A Complete Guide to CBD Dosage for ADHD



The bad news is, the effects of CBD are different for everyone. So, there is no “proper” dose and only you can tell us if CBD improves your ADHD symptoms.

The good news is, we’re going to help you find these answers for yourself. Just follow the steps in this guide to learn how to use CBD for ADHD.

How Does CBD Act to Treat ADHD?

First, we have some disclaimers to get out of the way. Since the use of CBD has only recently been legalized, the effects of CBD on different types of people are still being tested.

Thus, little more than anecdotal evidence exists for any claims to be made about the effects of CBD on ADHD individuals or anyone else. Furthermore, and for that same reason, no such claims are approved by the FDA.

That’s it for the not-so-great news. Now, let’s get back to that anecdotal evidence we were talking about.

The Good News

A 2015 study treated 30 ADHD patients with cannabis flowers to test the effects. All these patients experienced relief from many of their symptoms. That includes the improvement of their concentration and sleep.

Unfortunately, whole cannabis is habit-forming and intoxicating. Both of these are problematic as an ADHD treatment, especially since ADHD increases one’s risk of substance abuse.

That’s why CBD is a better option. It’s neither habit-forming nor intoxicating.

But it is well known for relieving anxiety (a common ADHD symptom) and may help with other symptoms as well. In the worst-case scenario, it does nothing at all. But there should, at least, be zero negative side effects.

What’s the Best Type of CBD Product For Treating ADHD?

The fact that CBD tends to affect everyone differently makes it difficult to find your ideal dosage. In the same way, the ideal CBD product for treating ADHD will differ between individuals as well.

Regardless, here are some options to consider. You may also want to research additional tips about using CBD for morning, midday, and evening routines.

CBD Oil/Vaping

CBD oil is the fastest-acting type of CBD. Its effects are also very potent. In other words, it hits you with a powerful blast of effects all at once.

Although, these effects don’t necessarily last very long. You’ll probably have to dose somewhat often in very small amounts to consistently treat ADHD.

This could be problematic if it’s not deemed appropriate to vape in your office. For this reason, it’s easier to take CBD oil under your tongue, especially in capsule form.

CBD Pills

Speaking of capsules, time-release CBD pills are probably the best option. They don’t work as fast or as potently as CBD oil, which is a huge help if you’re trying to improve your concentration. Plus, they’re long-lasting and very easy to dose.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies aren’t as long-lasting as time-release pills. But they’re very easy to dose and inconspicuous for use in your office.

How to Determine CBD Dosage For ADHD

As we mentioned, the ideal dosage depends on the individual. We can, however, give you some steps for finding your ideal dose.

First, do more research and make your decision on which product you want to try. Next, start very small. If you do this right, you should feel little-to-nothing at all with the first dose you take.

Once it’s time for the next dose, have a slightly larger amount. Repeat these steps, gradually increasing the dose until you experience a beneficial level of effects.

Have You Tried CBD For ADHD?

How will CBD help your ADHD symptoms? Only you can tell us that.

In fact, please do! Follow the steps above, find your ideal CBD dosage for ADHD, then click the comment button below to share your thoughts.

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