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A guide of top UI/UX trends of 2021



People visit huge loads of sites each day, brands and businesses need to show additional innovativeness to draw their consideration. Generally, startups and Entrepreneurs pay attention to the visual appeal and visual allure of their web solutions to make the potential clients stay there. Additionally, they watch out for the most recent UI patterns to remain in the game.

How about we currently investigate the main UI/UX configuration patterns of 2021 in detail and perceive how well-known brands effectively execute them. Let’s discuss some of the top UI trends of 2021 in this article.

Colorful and Blurred Backgrounds

The pattern with various styles of utilizing gradient effects was well known previously and stays an important UI pattern right up ’til the present time. For the past few months the shade of gradients are getting lighter, and yet, they look significantly more compounded and composite Indeed prior, graphic and web designers utilized around 2-3 tones in the form of a linear gradient. Presently the number of tones can be expanded up to 10. Also, an overlay can be utilized. Such gradients cause a touchy upheaval since they are so bright. Gradients can become difficult if not handle with the correct portion and arrangement of the right colors. Always try few combinations before you lock the final look of gradient either on your website or any design element.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice User Interface can be seen in UI/UX design as one of the latest trends. It is a voice interface that deals with context and data synthesis. Designers are working to provide users with more voice interfaces than ever before. For instance, today we can see many applications where you can translate a word or sentence into some other language. It works the accompanying way. You click a catch, and the gadget begins recording your voice and interpreting your discourse. Thusly, you can without much of a stretch speak with individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea about your language. Website development consultants call this feature a great one for the upcoming digital world.

Usage of Icons

When it comes to visual communication with the customers, Icons are indeed great elements to be used in the design. Designers prefer simple and minimalists icons as they are the considered a most powerful tool in the world of UI/UX design. You will say many UI/UX designers focusing on developing simple yet effective icons. Take an example of big companies such as Apple and Sketch followed the latest user experience trends and made a complete redesign of all their system icons in the year 2020. UI experts tell to choose the icons that belong to the same family. Consistency in the design is the key to its success. Icons should be of the same size and dimension, otherwise, the harmony of your design will look awful.


The first thing a user will see in any application or website is known as the onboarding screen. It is quite essential to develop a good UI design for the onboarding feature as it helps the user to understand the key function of the product/service. Hence onboarding became a prominent UX trend that should not be ignored. In actuality, present-day onboarding contains the main screens of versatile applications. Attributable to them, clients find out about what this application can do. We suggest that you keep onboarding straightforward. Focus on the content, make it compact and simple to peruse. Utilize delightful high-goal delineations and photographs. You need to clarify the estimation of your item and utilize this data to make a good interactive interface.


In previous years web designers used neomorphism in web designs. Neomorphism is based on the involvement of two common approaches to creating the user interface. This year web designers are using the blur effect in the UI of an application or website. This blur effect is known as Glassmorphism. This is known as Glassmorphism because it gives a feeling if someone is looking through a glass. You will find out this in the latest application design.

Usage of 3D Visuals

Just like Glassmorphism, the use of 3D art is another big trend which people will see in 2021 UI/UX trends. The only drawback it has that sometimes it is hard to generate cause of its big data size. They are in high demand for AR and VR technologies. Moreover, big brands like Apples and Big Sur have transformed their icons into three-dimensional graphics. But just like how 3d logo design cost is high, you can expect the cost of UI design based on three-dimensional icons.

Complex Typography

We all know that typography is the key element in any design. No matter how good the color scheme and concept are, if typography is not up to the mark, the whole design is a waste. Therefore, explores different avenues regarding textual styles got one of the amazing UI configuration patterns. Today website specialists utilize complex typography they attempt to feature the main data and pass on it to clients. Nowadays we can regularly see sites that are completely based on typography. Talking about text styles when all is said in done, their blend is great for good web engagement for any web arrangement.


In 2021 the design trend for UI/UX will include pastel tones, complex typography, and vivid 3D visuals. To prevail with regards to making an exceptional and drawing in UI, attempt to pick and join a few propensities.

Professional website development consultants solidly accept that the principle objective of UI/UX configuration is to assist clients with accomplishing their objectives. For this reason, always choose the best company like Logozila as they are experts in web design, logo design, and other digital services. Always make sure whenever you are upgrading your product or making anything from the start, that it has the latest trends in it. Sometimes it is okay to pick things from old design trends but to lead in the market follow up on the latest trends is vital. Hope this article was informative for you regarding the latest trends in UI/UX field.


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